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Hi folks! Have you ever got the question “How to download videos from YouTube?”. Are you struggling with nonsense apps to do so? If YES, then peep into this article on Best YouTube Video Download Apps for Android to find satisfactory solutions for you problems.

A lot of people reading this article might be using some good and legitimate apps to download videos from YouTube. But some beautiful and stunning apps that you don’t know are out there with unique features.

  • For example, you may be using the best official YouTube app itself to download videos from it. But do you know the fact that, even YouTube doesn’t even permits to download all of its videos? Yes, but it is the fact. Only a few apps can help in downloading any video from YouTube.
  • In another case, if you want to download videos from YouTube and also from other video sites from the same app. Most of the apps don’t have this facility. Then which app to use to avail this feature?
  • Some apps provide various video formats (i.e Low, Medium & High quality) to download from. But what if you wanted to download mp3 version too? Many apps don’t provide audio and video formats in a single app. In this case, which app to use?

In addition to the above mentioned situations, there would be different cases that you wanted. We have given a complete package of solutions for such cases. We hope that you will find some interesting apps that can fulfill your needs.

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 Best YouTube Video Download Apps for Android

1) YouTube

 YouTube has its own official android app. Its user interface is very cool and effortless. You can just type your desired title in the search bar and get related videos.  Have a look at the below images, you can see a Download option just below the video. Just click on it and select your desired (from Low, Medium, & HD) video format and click on OK. Your video downloads with high speed. Above all, it’s for FREE.

youtube video downloader apps

YouTube app is undoubtedly the best YouTube video download app in the market. I am not the one saying it, but just have a look 21 Million user’s affection towards it.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

2) Vidmate

If you ask me to say in one word about VidMate, I would say VidMate is YouTube and more. It is the 2nd most downloaded app after YouTube app. It offers you a full on entertainment sources in the form of numerous categories (i.e Movie, Music, Video, TV Show, Films, News, Sports and many more). Exciting!!!

youtube video downloader apps

Hold on hold on, let’s get back to what we are here for. When you type your desired title, it shows you videos from different sources along with YouTube. You can see Play and Download buttons next to every video. Just click on Download symbol, then it shows not only 5 different video formats but audio formats too. Having huge entertainment hub to download, VidMate is one of the best YouTube video download apps for sure.

Download Vidmate

3) Videoder

Videoder has some stunning features which made it to be in this list of best Youtube video download apps list.

youtube video downloader apps

Features :

  • It has the best ever staggering user interface than any other apps of this kind
  • This app is not confined to Youtube only, but offers too many sites to download videos from (see the first picture below)
  • As many apps does, it provides separate Audio formats and Video formats to choose from (4th picture)
  • Above all, it has the most unique feature of “adding your favorite website to this app”, to download videos from that particular website.
  • As you can see the list of sites it offers (1st picture), not only videos, but you can download pictures, movies, TV shows from a huge list of stunning websites

Having that much exciting features, Videoder is definitely one of the best apps to download videos from YouTube.

Download Videoder

4) Fast HD Video Downloader

Though it is launched a few months back, Fast HD Video Downloader is surely a strong contender to be in this list of best YouTube video download apps.

youtube video download apps

Reasons :

  • Simplest interface I have ever used
  • Offers more video formats that YouTube app which is very interesting aspect for mobile users


All you need to do is, just type in your desired title and the app loads videos from YouTube. You can see a download symbol at the top right corner. Just click on it. You will be offered with 5 or more video formats to choose from.

5) app is some kind of different one than others. It is exclusively designed to download videos from YouTube. Unlike other apps, you’ll need a direct link in order to download a particular video. It may sound horrible but this app will be very useful in one case. That is, YouTube doesn’t permits all of its videos to download (even from YouTube app also). Same scenario is applicable to other YouTube videos download apps too.

If your desired video falls into above category, then is the ideal app for you. As soon as you paste your video link and hit enter, it will show a green Download button. Hit the dropdown button, then you can find different video formats to choose from. Because of this unique feature it has, earned a place in this best YouTube videos download apps list.

youtube video downloader apps

Download SavefromNet

6) TubeMate

TubeMate is yet another famous and widely used app to download videos from YouTube. Like most of the apps, TubeMate also has inbuilt YouTube browser to search videos from. After you entering the desired title, the app shows the results same as in YouTube. After clicking on your beloved video link, a green download button appears at the top panel of the app. Click on the button, and choose your interested video format to download that video. Unlike other apps it also shows different audio formats to download.

youtube video downloader appsyoutube video downloader apps

Download Tubemate

7 ) SnapTube

 SnapTube has a stunning and attractive interface. In addition to YouTube, it has many video sites to choose from. And it has a nice list of categories too. Since we are talking about best YouTube video download apps, click on the YouTube icon which is shown in the below image. Now enter a keyword in the search bar. Now the app loads videos from YouTube. As you can see in the below third picture, when you click on the video, a red download button appears at the right bottom of the screen. Click on the download button, it shows various kinds of video and audio formats to choose from as shown in the 4th picture.

youtube video downloader apps

Download SnapTube

 Because of the above unique features, SnapTube definitely has earned to be in this list of best YouTube video download apps.

8 ) KeepVid

Last but not the least at all, KeepVid is the pioneer in its kind. It’s one of the oldest apps out there. Since it’s the oldest, it has more advantages than any other app have.

youtube video downloader apps

Features :

  • Best and eye staggering UI
  • Probably, the only app that provides 1080 p videos to download
  • As you can see the last 3 pictures, it has way too many video sharing sites to choose from
  • In addition to that, it has way more websites to add to your favorite list (see the last picture)
  • As many great apps does, KeepVid also provides different audio and video formats to download from

With all the above stunning features, KeepVid is most definitely one of the best YouTube video download apps for sure.

Wrapping Up


Each and every app from the above list is handpicked after testing almost all the best apps out there. Every app has a unique feature on its own to which everyone would fall in love for. We hope that you would find your dream app to download YouTube videos for sure. If you find this article useful, do share with your friends. And do not hesitate to comment if you face any problems. We are welcome to write articles on users’ demand, so you are all welcome for any article request. Cheerio!


Note : Please note that above given numbering is not based on their ranks. But according to their unique features they provide. We recommend you to spend some time to install and find your dream app to download YouTube videos. If you are personally using any other great app for many years, then please comment it (along with the download link) in the below section to your fellow readers.

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