Official XPosed Framework for Nougat Android 7.0 &7.1 (Official Guide)

Xposed framework for Nougat description is mentioned over here. Are you an Xposed lover? Are you using Android Nougat 7.0+? Still waiting for Xposed for nougat? Want to install systemless Xposed framework? If you are currently thinking about these questions which are asked above, then you are at the best place to get the solutions. Here we will give you the best installation guide for both Systemless Xposed framework and Non-systemless Xposed framework for Android Nougat 7.0 & 7.1+. We are providing the unofficial build from the Purify OS team. These guys are from XDA forums. Still, Rovo89 (Original developer of Xposed Framework) working on an Official build but if you are that kind of person who is excited to try the things which are new as like me. So, follow the below steps to taste the Xposed Framework for nougat device.

What is Xposed framework for Nougat?

Xposed Framework is the framework which allows you to customise the android device from the roots. It is available from the android 4.0+. So many modules are developing day by day for this framework. Prerequisite of the Xposed framework is a rooted device and Custom recovery Installed. Rooting allows you to run a various application which can modify the core part of the OS. This is called Xposed framework for Nougat.

Xposed Installer is necessary to manage the modules. Even you can uninstall framework through it. There are loads of tweaks you can do with this framework to your Android device. Module plays a vital role to mod or tweaks your device. It’s just a framework that will enhance by its modules. You can download the modules from its store by using the search option.

What is Systemless Xposed framework for Nougat?

The systemless Xposed framework doesn’t touch the system partitions, but the traditional Xposed framework does. Initially, it was ported to the Magisk Stemless root by the XDA forum member topjhonwu (Original developer of Magisk).

By using the systemless root and Systemless Xposed, you can get OTA updates and Safety net pass. That will help you to run the application which doesn’t want to run on the Rooted device. The official Xposed framework will disrupt the Safety Net pass. In my recommendation stick to Systemless Xposed to get the advantages.

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Install Xposed Installer APK

At first install Xposed installer app on your device by DVD android. This is the latest version which is compactable to this unofficial version. Of course, it has a material design too.

  • Download the Xposed installer apk file from Here
  • Install the apk file as usual.

Open the app you will see the Xposed not installed message. Now, install the framework by below procedure.

Magisk System-less Xposed-framework on Android 7.0 & 7.1+

I recommend you to install this build from the Xda developer named as Earny Tech than the normal one. As I said earlier, there is a chance of safety net pass. You can easily install this Magisk module with the custom recovery or directly from the magisk manager app.

Xposed magisk module is available for the CPU architecture like an ARM, ARM64, and x86. You don’t need to check the architecture you are having your device. It will automatically detect the device architecture itself that is why it is named as universal systemless Xposed. Magisk v13.1+ is the minimum requirement to do its job.

Steps to install Xposed framework Systemless-ly

  • Download the Systemless Xposed according to the Android version 7.0 or 7.1+ from above requirements section.
  • Switch off your device and boot into the recovery mode (TWRP)
  • Click on install button in the home of TWRP
  • Select the Zip file from the storage.
  • Install it by swiping the button. The process will complete in few seconds.
  • Now, Click on reboot button. Open the Xposed Installer app; then you will see the Xposed Is active status.

Traditional Xposed Framework for Nougat

This is a Non-Systemless Xposed framework. It will do some changes on the system partitions. So, you won’t get OTA Updates and failed the safety net check. If you are a magisk user and followed above all the steps, that’s enough. You don’t need to follow this procedure. I am just giving this one for reference only. If you are not a magisk user, then follow below steps.

Even this build available for the ARM, ARM64 and X86 device chipsets.


Note:- Download the uninstaller zip according to the Device CPU architecture. When your device stuck in a boot loop then installs the Xposed uninstaller zip file.

Steps to Install Xposed framework on android 7.0 & 7.1+

  • After downloading the Nougat Xposed framework files from the requirements section.
  • Turn off your device and Try to turn into Custom Recovery Mode
  • In the Home page, you will see the install button. Tap on it.
  • Now, choose the Zip file which is downloaded from the above.
  • Complete the process by swiping the button from left to right.
  • Now, wait for some time. Click on reboot button.
  • Your device will open normally. Open Xposed Installer app you can see the Xposed is the active message.

Nougat Xposed working on Samsung, Sony, LG, and MIUI?

After updating the official Version of xposed- framework to version 88.1 i. Now, it is working on most of the android devices. But In some Samsung devices running with stock (TouchWiz UI) ROM, this version is still producing bootloops. It might be solved in further updates. So, stick to our blog we will update the post according to Rovo89 posts.

Rovo89 said that Sony had shipped some ROMs with corrupted services.odex which will bootloop with a “Fatal signal 6” or “No pending exception expected: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException” error and it has no fix for now.

For MIUI users this build was not supported entirely. Go with the unofficial build by SolarWarez this will help you install the framework. For LG users this may work properly. Better to download uninstaller file along with the installer zip. This would be helpful when you get into boot loop.


  • Some fixes on samsung roms [v88.1]
  • Fixed MIUI Incompatibility but not sure [v88.1]
  • Other Fixes [v88.1]
  • Improved system stability
  • Resolved some incompatibility problems with the module.
  • Unified zip
  • Fixed wrong text in xposed installer
  • Compiled version for Android 7.0 sdk24
  • Parzial fix for touchwiz

Final Words:

Here we came to conclusion on Xposed framework for Nougat . I gave you all the clear information about the entire article. Hope you all like this article. If you have any queries regarding this article, kindly post them in comment box. We are always here to help you. This is the only way to Install Xposed Framework On Nougat Devices. Now, this was the Official build by Rovo89 if you want to know further updates from the Rovo89 then bookmark us and follow this post for Official Development updates.


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