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Our today’s topic is all about wifikill for android, how to kill someone from our Wi-Fi? Today everybody was using the a multiple purpose Wi-fi. It means in olden days there will be a net connection and connect it to the pc and it can be only used in that single pc only. Now a days as technology increased the process for using internet also changed. Every android phone users want internet as well as to use in pc also. For this purpose a wifi router has introduced. For this router there will be a username and password, connect to the user name’s wifi in your phone and pc by entering the password. Upto this everything is fine.

But its time to raise your doubt? Yes, In all of your minds everyone thinks that if someone find out the wifi password and connect to the wifi and using your connection? What will you do? Yes, I will explain you what to do? For this security purpose an app is launched name wifi kill and net cut.  These are the apps used to know who are connected to your wifi network connection.  I will explain you the simple process to kill wifi. By following the simple steps you can know wifi kill process. For this you have to download wifi killer app or wifi kill app for android. But you might not know that your android phone is much more capable of doing heavy things. Do you know that you can disable other people’s Wi-Fi internet connections on the same network.

How to disconnect someone from Wi-Fi?

To disconnect or block someone from wifi you have to download the app called wifi kill app. By this app you can kill wifi users from your android device. Its important to block or disconnect someone from this wifi killer app. Because net consumption is more while others connect to your wifi network. Downloading speed will decrease if many users connected to the same wifi network. Upto browsing this is fine but for downloading its some difficult. To avoid all these troubles you have to download wifi killer app to kill wifi users from your wifi connection. I will explain you about the wifi killer app, how to download it and how to kill wifi users from your android.

Method 1:

WiFiKill App: Kick other devices off a Wi-Fi Network with Android


What WifiKill app can do

Here are some the great features of WifiKill App for android:

  • Show the traffic consumed by the device.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Can disable the Internet access of any grabbed device.
  • You also see what other people surf on net and what they download from internet.
  • Android 4.0 and above only.
  • Supported by tablets.
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

How to use WifiKill App For Android

  • First of all You need to do Root Your device.
  • Download the Wifikill pro apk.
  • Install it, after completion of download.
  • When opened, press the play button on the top and the app will start searching for the devices which are currently connected to the Wireless Internet network. Allow Super user permissions when prompted.
  • When scan completed, the app will show all the devices connected to the hotspot. If you enable Show Network Names in the preferences, it will also show the devices names.

Method 2:

NetCut: WifiKill for Android – Disable Internet of other wifi users

It is Famous wifikiller. Netcut for Windows as we all know is quite famous and you must have some idea about it already, But if you don’t know let me tell you. Netcut is a tool which lets you figure out who or which device is/are using the same Wi-fi network as you rather it is the IPhone, Android, Windows Phone or Even your PC’s.

The android app Netcut for Android is basically the same as that of the Windows and does exactly same work and in my opinion is the best and one of the most powerful administrator network tool and is also very easy to operate. But from where to download Netcut for Android and again How to Use Netcut for Android??

What NetCut wifikiller can Do

  • It is a wireless network analyzer tool.
  •  You can find MAC addresses of all the devices connected to your Wireless LAN. You can find their brand name, IP address and even change their MAC address.
  • The most interesting part is you can Disable the Internet connectivity of any device connected to the wi-fi network.
Price: Free+

How To Use Netcut For Android

  • Netcut wifikill app Needs Root your device.
  • Download and install Netcut ( ROOT) wifikill apk.
  • Once installed open it.
  • Grant it SuperUser permission or else it won’t work.
  • After permission is granted , let Netcut For Android read all the device using the same Wifi Network.
  • Once all the device is properly detected (takes about couple of minutes depending on how many users have access to the Wifi Network) just click on the various IP’s you wanna block,  you can click on few or you can cut everyones access to the internet.


Here, technologymess had discussed with you about an  important apps for wifi killer apps for android. I hope that all of you like this article and stay secure from your wifi connections. This wifi kill protects you from others connected to your device. Kindly help us by sharing this article in social media. If you have any other alternative apps or valuable suggestions you always ready your comments , post it in box below. Thank you.


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