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Here you can free download wifikill apk pro. Disconnect Someone from Our Wi-Fi? Yes, We are in the era of using the Wi-Fi Services everywhere. It is the advanced stage of using internet connection like in a sharing method.  I think almost everyone was very familiar with Wi-Fi? Absolutely it is a wonderful thought, I will appreciate the developers. Before few years as we all know there is an LAN, which is a wired network. The wire/ cable may come from somewhere and it should be keep fix into our CPU. It’s a good thing. As we all know, first the computer size was a big room. Wow! Really it is simplified and using so many techniques and much more it has now came to a 21’’ LED. And after that Laptop’s are developed. Most advantage of them are easy carrying and simply light weight and no more additional equipment like CPU.

By this simplification I was saying you that everything will be simplified as days past. Likely the wired connection became wireless. As a part of it Modems and Wi-Fi Routers are developed. Modem is a hardware device used to insert in a computer to send and receive data over a mobile network. Which means we have to insert our SIM card, which contains a data pack? It is a good way to connect. Advantage is we can carry modem anywhere and use it as per mobile network. Coming to Wi-Fi router, a router is a device which sends data from the internet cable to a device, means it sends data from the internet cable to a device and as a wireless access point, so that this data can be shared through radio signals instead of another cable. It has no limited that; countless people can connect to it. It has a specific username and password. We can connect from mobile devices, laptops, tabs which have a Wi-Fi option.

The one thing we have to keep in our mind is the speed may vary bases on the active users of Wi-Fi connection. So, if your Wi-Fi router has a good speed of 10 MBPS, 20 MBPS, 50 MBPS so on, you can enjoy with minimum number of people. There is no limit per day, you can use as per your need. All your friends connect to the same Wi-Fi have a facility to play games on LAN. I and my friends used to play NFS MOST WANTED all time. One of the people will keep hotspot and one will create a game. Not only this game, there are so many games working with this method. New games are coming with LAN mode. If you are a game player and interested to play your favourite game with your friends this is the best method. By reading all these things, I know you are eager to play games with your friends?

Up to now everything was ok. Did you have any doubts up to now? I think you are thinking about one thing that I know? Any guess?  The question is What if someone knows the password? What will do you if someone knows your password? Will you change it? Enquire who is using the connection? Turn off the Wi-Fi connection? The one thing which you have to do is know the person who is using your Wi-Fi connection? How to know? Here I will tell you in detail how to know who is connected to your Wi-Fi connection? How to disconnect him? Will you do this without any idea? Absolutely no, because you need a good advisor, who helps you to solve the problem? I think I am the good advisor because here I will tell you in detail what to do? The thing you need to do is download a single app from google Playstore. If you install this app in your android/pc/windows 7, 8.8.1, 10, you can find the persons who are connected and will have an option to disconnect them. I will explain about the app and installation of it in android, installation of app in windows, installation of it in iOS devices. I will explain you simple steps, which allows you to complete your task. Without wasting time anymore let us move into How to Disconnect Someone from Our Wi-Fi? The app which is used to disconnect Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi kill App.

What is Wi-Fi Kill?

wifikill apk pro free download

Wi-Fi kill is an android application that helps you to disable other people Wi-Fi connection on the same network. It is kind of hacking process in which you are going to hack other person’s internet connection and trying to disable it. This app is specifically designed for the android smartphone users. You can easily become a hacker and it is capable of searching for the user information in the Wi-Fi modem. It is amazing app through which you can get a Wi-Fi connection in full speed by using the application. You can simply disconnect strange users who are connected unnecessarily to your wifi without your permission. You can use this app on your android smartphone as it works effectively to disable other’s internet connection.

What WifiKill can do?

  • Show the traffic consumed by the device.
  • Show the network names of the devices.
  • Can disable the Internet access of any grabbed device.
  • You also see what other people surf on net and what they download from internet.
  • Android 4.0 and above only.
  • Supported by tablets.

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Requirements of Wi-Fi kill apk for android

  • It requires root accessibility
  • Works for android 4.0 and above only

Download WiFikill apk for android

Download WiFikill apk for android. The app has been removed from the android market, google Playstore as it can be easily misused in different ways. It may be threat to public Wi-Fi connections. Considering all this rules it has no place in google Playstore. It doesn’t obey all the permissions of Playstore. So, don’t worry you can download it in Official website or click on the below link to download. This app will absolutely give you a correct work on terminate internet or kick users from your wifi network in just one click. You need not be the owner of the Wi-Fi network in order to block other users using the same network; using this on a public Wi-Fi is strictly illegal! This is surely one of the top Wi-Fi killers and you can take control of any network using this in a matter of seconds.

Download Wi-Fi kill pro apk for android

Download WiFikill pro apk for android. The app is an android tool that you can use to disable internet connection for a device on the same Wi-Fi network. It is light weight tool with very simple user interface. It means anyone can use this app without any expert ideas or user guides. Download the latest versions of Wi-Fi kill pro apk on your android device and stop other using your Wi-Fi connection. If you are a already user of this app then switch to the newer version that fixes all the older bugs and comes with the new features. After downloading the app, install it in your device to kick off the people from Wi-Fi. A rooted phone can easily install the WiFikill app on their android device and can kill the wifi connection for the person who uses your wifi connection. Wifikill pro apk will list out the device that is connected to your wifi and you can stop them by tapping the particular device.

Download WiFikill for PC

Netcut is the name of the software which helps you to kill the connection of connected networks. This software works in windows xp, windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. I have tested this application in windows 8 and 8.1 and it is working absolutely fine. If you are in a network peer to peer connection which is used in your school or college computer labs, cyber cafes and many more places.

There are many software which can be used to kill the connection but this is the best software which you can use to kill the connection of wifi. But his application is best and in less in size of only 2MB. This application can be used only in private wifi. Make sure that you are don’t connected to public wifi networks. I am strongly telling you that we are not responsible if you are in some issues. Netcutter will have a analyser which analyse your wifi connection. This helps you to search for a specific IP address. You can have the full control on the devices and you can check how much a specific user is consuming data. It has a easy interface.

Download WiFikill for iOS Devices iPad/iPhone

If you are using wifi connection in your device, and wifi speed is very slow due to some other users are using it. WiFikill iOS app is created to cut wifi connection of all other people, who are connected to same wifi network. It is the main reason why your network speed is slowing down because they are also using the data from your wifi connection. If you use this wifi kill app in your iphone device, after jailbreak, you can kill wifi connection of others in your device. This is the right time to stop or kill the network that is been used by someone without your permission. To kill the wifi on others phone, you need an iOS app called WiFikill for iPhone. Download the latest version of this app and start disconnection the users. For this you need to jailbreak your iPhone, you can’t kill wifi connection of others. You are supposed to have cydia installed on your iPhone device and your iPhone/iPad must be jail broken to kill Wi-Fi using wifi kill app.

How to Protect your Wi-Fi from Others?

Protecting your wifi is an easy task if you did everything right which I will tell you here. Wireless networking has made it so easy for anyone to use internet on your computer, mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices anywhere in the house without cables. With traditional wired networks, it is extremely difficult for someone to steal your bandwidth but the big problem with wireless signals is that others can access the internet using your broadband connection even while they are in a neighbouring building or sitting anywhere.

Download Netcut Defender

If you are not comfortable in having an attack program such as Netcut installed and running on your computer due to legal concerns, the author of Netcut created protection software which is called as Netcut defender. Basically it does the same thing as “Protect My computer” found in Netcut except without the ability to cut off a person connection.

Now everywhere the official Netcut defender was using by everyone to protect their devices. The official Netcut defender was released and it costs $9.99. You will start getting nagging popups to purchase the program after a couple of hours of usage. I have not tried this, but I can surely say that it almost protects your device. This anti Netcut is a software program for protection against the ARP spoofing attacks. In case, your system has no anti Netcut protection, it becomes vulnerable to attacks of WiFikill and Netcut. I suggest you this is the best tool that will protect your PC from all the Netcut attacks. This tool makes the barrier at the user end and then denies the entire Netcut request sent by the attackers.





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