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Who viewed my Facebook profile ? ” or “Who are the Facebook profile visitors” etc. are the very common desire of the Facebook addicted people. Many Facebook apps are easily available in the market which claims that their user can check who viewed their Facebook profile. However, most of them are fake and use of those apps might be a threat for your Facebook profile. If you use such app anytime that claims that using their app, you can see who views your Facebook profile, don’t trust seriously. Because they can get your very personal information including Facebook login credentials with those apps.  Till now, Facebook restricts their policy on not to share such info officially to any user of Facebook.

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There are high demands about the search query “how to see who viewed my Facebook profile” at different search engines like Google, YouTube, and Bing. So, various spammers and malicious app development companies target the users to steal their private information using this technique. As I already mention that those third-party apps do not provide exact results and these apps usually does the spam post on user’s Facebook wall? Then, is there any real way to look who is viewing my Facebook profile? The answer is YES, but with certain limitations. In this tutorial, I’ll discuss how to see who viewed my profile on Facebook.

Why are people interested in who is looking at Who viewed my Facebook Profile?

Facebook is the most favourite social media among the people of most countries. Most of the users are young boys and girls. Sometimes, they want to unblock the website at schools, colleges if restricted and spend the whole time doing different social activities on Facebook. So, there is naturally a tendency among them to check about their Facebook profile visitor. So, people are always interested and want to know the unknown — Is it possible to see the viewers of my Facebook profile?

Can We Find Out “Who Viewed My Facebook Profile”?

Yes, you can! Though there are no official ways, you can do it making use of a ‘who viewed my Facebook profile Chrome extension’. And, during my research, I have found out a real simple way for that, which doesn’t include any app download. I am not sure about its validity, though. Are you carrying around the open problem ‘who has been viewing my Facebook profile’? Then, you are going to be enticed with my solution in the next section.

Find Who Viewed My Facebook Profile – 2 Methods

The question arises in my mind too, and for your confirmation, I want to mention that there is no official way to know who viewed my profile on Facebook. Still, there are few Android applications, Chrome extension and geeky ways to see the visitor of my Facebook profile. Let see the techniques. You can easily identify your profile visitor using Facebook profile ID

Method 1: Using Facebook Profile View Notification Chrome Extension

For people looking forward to finding out who saw their Facebook profile must use this Chrome browser add-on. Follow the steps I will be describing below to know how the extension can be used to find out details on FB profile visit.

Step 1: First, you need to download the browser extension. As this one is for Google Chrome, you must download it from Chrome web store. Just visit and search for Facebook Profile View Notification there. And, you are good to go. If you want to download from here, you can use this direct link to the extension in order to kick start ‘who viewed my Facebook profile saga’.

Step 2: You will see a web page, as you install any other extension, simply click that blue Add to Chrome button out there. Be patient enough to give it a time to complete the download and installation process.

Step 3: You can see an extension installation notification after the same is completely added to the browser. Wow! With this, you have passed the half way to figuring out who has been visiting your Facebook profile.

Step 4: Now, visit Can you spot anything new there? Just send your eyes to the blue navigation bar with your timeline link, home, friend requests, messages, and notifications.

There, you can definitely see a new link called Visitors.

Step 5: Whenever you feel like finding out ‘who viewed my Facebook profile,’ visit Facebook and click on the new link named Visitors. Then, you will be able to see the list of people who visits your Facebook profile.

I know it’s quite a useful extension. Truth be told, you can’t find out the entire people who are visiting your Facebook profile using this browser tool as it displays the names of people, using this add-on only. Lately, who viewed my Facebook profile virus was spreading all over the web. Fortunately, this one is not developed for user exploitation.


Plenty of who viewed my Facebook profile extensions are available in the Chrome Store for the sole purpose of personal details theft. So make sure that you install extension from above link only.

Method 2: Using the Browser Only

You only need a browser in order to check who looks at your Facebook profile using this method.

Step 1: Visit You will see your news feed. But you have to be at your timeline here. So click the first name of yours given on the blue navigation bar on top of the web page.

Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the page to get the menu. And, click on View page source from the small menu you get. You can press Ctrl+ U instead. Both the actions return the same result.

Step 3: Now, you can see a long page with incomprehensible codes. Press Ctrl+ F at this step to get the search box. Then, search for “InitialChatFriendsList” without quotes.

Step 4: You will see a bunch of numbers after this text. Those are the profile IDs of people who recently visited your Facebook profile. To see whose IDs are those, you need to add the same after ‘’ and enter into the address bar of your browser.

I am not sure about the legibility of this method. As I said earlier, I got this one during my research. The first method is limited for it displays people with Facebook Profile Notification extension only. But this one hasn’t got any limitation. I have personally tried both methods and both of them worked for me. Proceed at your own risk.


Here as a result we came to a conclusion on Who viewed my facebook profile? Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about entire article. Both the methods works for me. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. If you feel this article is helpful kindly share this article with your friends. Thank You.

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