Telegram vs Whatsapp Which one is Better ?

Our today’s article is about Telegram Vs Whatsapp . Choosing the best one among these is very difficult task to everyone. So up to explaining the information about both these instant messaging apps in this article. There are tons of instant messaging services out there, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Messenger and many more. Which instant messaging app is the best? Well, we have narrowed it down to Telegram and WhatsApp, the 2 most popular and reliable apps on the Apple Store and Google Play Store.Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, the Telegram app saw a huge increase in download. However, is Telegram truly better than WhatsApp, or did these users switch over just to show their dissatisfaction? Telegram messenger have its own style. You can go with telegram messenger. You can check it once their features. After that you can say Telegram Vs Whatsapp Which One is Better? You can also see the best instant messaging apps for android.

Telegram Vs Whatsapp


Both Telegram and WhatsApp are IM services that rely on internet connection (WiFi or Data). They require you to have an active phone number which acts as your account and through these IM services, you can text, send photos, videos and even audio clips to your friends. They might look the same on the surface, but these 2 apps actually do have some differences in both security and functionality.

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Telegram Vs Whatsapp

Security (Telegram Wins)

WhatsApp is prone to hacking whereas Telegram, is a lot more secure. Telegram has MTProto as the backbone for its programme and the makers of Telegram claims that it is unbreakable, offering $200,000 to anyone who can crack it. So if you are afraid of having your intimate chat messages hacked by an anonymous webster, Telegram would be your safer bet.

Speed (Telegram Wins)

WhatsApp is a slow clogged-up ancient machine compared to Telegram, that’s well-oiled and ready to roll. Messages are sent quickly and efficiently with little delay on Telegram whereas WhatsApp messages take slightly longer to be sent and received. The difference may be a mere 100ms, but I could most certainly feel the difference when I tried Telegram for the first time.

Document Transfer (Telegram Wins)

Telegram allows you to transfer documents in the form of PDF files whereas WhatsApp restricts your file transfer to only photos, videos  and audio recordings.

Popularity (WhatsApp Wins)

With 800 million users on WhatsApp and only 50 million users on Telegram, WhatsApp is obviously more popular amongst your friends.Some of your friends may not use Telegram, so that may be a major bummer for you to continue using WhatsApp. I personally use both.

Calling (WhatsApp Wins)

I wouldn’t really call it a win for WhatsApp. I honestly dislike how WhatsApp calls work. They have bad quality and connection. Furthermore, they burn up data worse than a monster truck drinks fuel. However, Telegram doesn’t offer calling features at all for now.

So here’s the round-up of the key differences between the two services in a table format. Which one are you going to be using from now on?

  WhatsApp Telegram
Speed Slower Faster
Security Less Secure More Secure(Claimed to be uncrackable)
Price $0.99 Free Forever
Attachments Photos, Videos, Audio, Location Any document
Secret Chat No Option available
Read/Delivered Receipts Sent, Read & Delivered Receipts Available Only Sent & Delivered Receipts
Number of Devices You Can Install on Simultaneously 1 Unlimited (>1)
Stickers & Emojis Less More
Number of Users (Popularity) 1000 million 70 million
Calling Yes No
Mute Specific Users Yes No


COST( Telegram Wins)

Whatsapp is free for only one year, next year onwards you have to pay $0.99/year. Telegram is life time free messenger app.


Privacy( Telegram Wins)

Whatsapp is not providing security for users.Telegram is most secure app compare with others.Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.

By seeing all the above article you can say that Telegram Vs Whatsapp Which One is Better? I remains the answer for you. Its your choice to say which one is better.


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