Whatsapp Renewal / Extend free Without Paying

Hi, this article is about Whatsapp renewal. First of all It helps you to extend your whatsapp expiration date. In Addition Whatsapp is most famous messenger app in worldwide. Everybody is going for smartphones now a days. For instant messaging they need Whatsapp. There are so many messaging apps, but whatsapp is special among them. This messenger is only for 1 year trail, next year onwards you have to pay $0.99/year. This in not a big problem but paying fee by google wallet. In some countries this is some what problem. Some users don’t have wallet and they cant pay. For those users who are awating to use the whatspp after the extended trail, there is a new trick to extend the whatsapp expiry date.  Follow the simple instructions given below and know how to do Whatsapp renewal.

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Steps to do Whatsapp renewal

  • Open your whatsapp messenger and go to menu.
  • Any important messages and media, you have to backup your whatsapp account.
  • go to Menu –>settings
  • open your Account –>Delete my account
  • It will be delete your account.
  • Reopen Your whatsapp messenger and enter your number, see your service expiration.
  • That’s it , your Whatsapp renewal has been completed in a while.


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