List of Top 10 Updated Whatsapp Alternatives for Android 2017

Whatsapp alternatives for your smartphone. First of all we should know what is WhatsApp, why it is used? Everyone have android mobiles these days. In android device everyone has a google play store application. We can download any applications from the google playstore easily. We can download so many apps like messaging apps, chatting apps, music apps etc. Likely in Instant messaging apps WhatsApp is the major one, everybody knows it because of its popularity. But some of people don’t know that there are so many apps for WhatsApp alternatives. Due to the features of WhatsApp its growing day by day.

Definetly every android , ios users have WhatsApp. We can send any type of files through WhatsApp by downloading the updated version. The main feature why the people mostly like WhatsApp is its have a  instant messaging and simply we can send messages to everyone. There are so many apps which are WhatsApp Alternatives. In addition Here I have listed Top 10 WhatsApp Alternatives.  Either use WhatsApp or any other alternative for WhatsApp.


1.Facebook Messenger

I don’t think Facebook messenger needs any introduction, maybe you are already using it on a regular basis. Every android user almost have facebook android app and facebook messenger app. Don’t you know facebook messenger has lot many of features. You can do voice call and video call by facebook messenger. Most of all facebook messenger is the top most alternative for WhatsApp. One thing that you need is good data connection. Its better to have connected with wifi. You can send any type of files through facebook messenger. I would like to say it is one of the best WhatsApp alternatives.

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Hike is an Indian social messaging app and the second best whatsapp alternatives. Hike has some really cool stickers which will make your conversation more attractive and expressive. I would say that it is built exclusively by keeping in mind the thought of Indians. Some features of hike are – Regional Stickers (express your feelings with strikers in your language) , Hidden mode , Send Everything and anything , Chat Themes , Hike Offline , Free Hike2SMS to India , 128-bit SSL Encryption and many more.

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Wechat is another awesome whatsapp alternatives. WeChat allows you to communicate with others with free text, voice and video calls. Some of the WeChat Features are – Always Free, Free Voice and Video Calls, Group Chat, Multimedia Messaging, You can also connect with your friends to play games together and much more on Wechat.

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Viber is a famous alternative of Skype the popular free video calling app. Most of the people know that it is the best app to make free voice calls form android. But as a matter of fact Viber can also be used for chatting with friends, chatting like text chatting. Viber doesn’t charge you any penny to make calls from your device all you need is an internet connection for using this. Its seems like its absolutely a free app works with only data connection.

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5.Kik Messenger

Kik is a decent messenger app, you should not expect many features from kik when compare to others in the list. But it is pretty good. Some features of kik messenger are – No phone number, Just Username, You can filter to decide whom you want to talk to and many more, Public Group Chat for up to 50 people. Due to its less popularity some people may not know.

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Line is one of the top 10 whatsapp alternatives .If you love simple stuff, then you will love to use this simple free messaging app. Although line is a great app, but line have the lowest ratings in Google play when compared to other apps in the list

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Skype is a popularly known IM Application for PC, and Recently Built For Mobile Devices, iPad’s & Tablets. The Best reason for Skype to be the best whatsapp alternative. Apart from Instant Messaging, Skype even support Skype-Skype voice and video calls for free. It gives you pure voice clarity. Unlike Whatsapp Messenger, Skype allows you to freely Log In and Log Out at your convenience. Enjoy your break free connectivity with Skype.

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Tango is considered to be the best alternative for Whatsapp Messenger. The App has a very Stylish and colourful User Interface carrying the same features of Whatsapp. Additionally it does much more use than instant messaging. It allows call and video chat with your friends via the 3G Network. Just like voice notes in Whatsapp it has “Hold to talk” feature which notes and allows sending as Audio files. Give it a try as it can take replacement for WhatsApp on your Device.

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ChatON is one of the best Messengers developed by “Samsung”. It comes pre-built on all the Samsung Mobiles, such that you need not waste time on searching the app. It is developed with a sleekish UI and Privacy options such that making security of your Conversations. ChatON comes with a variety of Smiley’s, Font Styles, and Templates. You can even have a custom background Image of your own for the conversations. So that you don’t get bored seeing the same background. It can be a better alternative for WhatsApp because of the wide Samsung users. It is one of the top 10 alternates for whatsapp.

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Many smartphone users use Telegram as an alternative to the almost eponymous instant messaging app. One of the major differences with WhatsApp, in addition to superior security, is that it can also be used on tablets and PCs. Another advantage is that it can be used on several devices at the same time. Just configure the service with the same telephone number and you can check chats from the device that is most convenient at any given moment.

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At final we had discussed with you about WhatsApp alternatives. As a result we had got a brief knowledge about the WhatsApp alternatives. We came to a conclusion that there are so many apps like WhatsApp. Keep Knowing about the apps. Kindly help us by sharing the article in social media. If you face any problems about this articles kindly post your comment below. Thank u.

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