Best Volume Booster Apps for Android || Boost Sound In Your Device

Volume Booster Apps. Tired of the low phone volume? Is your phone alarm sound not loud enough to rattle you off your dreams? Here’s one secret, you can still bring up the default volume limit of your phone. The list below shows five of the best volume booster apps for Android that features versatile settings for different sound profiles, as well as for music and video players.

Listening to music is a best habit for lot of us. Less volume in our mobile irritates us. To avoid all these difficulties now I came up with volume booster apps for android. By using these apps, they wish to gain excellent musical experience, which we won’t get before. I am sure that you will feel wonder on listening to music after installing these apps. Absolutely these apps will improve the quality and pitch of the sound coming from your device.

The main purpose of a mobile is to dial and receive the calls. Although the default speaker of android works well but often it creates noise disturbance and gives the signal to change the mobile. But we recommend you to test the volume booster app on android before selling it due to sound problem. Volume booster apps make the equalizer system in move and enable you to set it up to your desire. You can use extra sound levels (louder, medium and dim) for incoming and outgoing calls, messages, notifications, songs and alarms. With volume booster apps you can attend the calls and listen to the music in a crystal clear sound.

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List of Volume Booster Apps for Android

Volume Booster Pro

Need to crank up the volume of your phone? When the max volume limit isn’t enough, Volume Booster Pro app can increase it around 30-40%. No complex settings, confusing frequency bars and sound profiles, just install it and it’ll decrypt your audio settings and channels to optimum volume with just one tap. As simple as that, it’ll boost the sound quality of your ringtones, notifications, alarm sounds and for all media played through your phone speakers or headset. Just a reminder, be careful with loud sounds, your default phone volume settings are designed based on the internal hardware of your mobile, and high volume and frequencies can break your mobile speaker.

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Volume Control+

You never would have thought that you depend so much on this volume booster app after you discover what it can do. It’s designed with three volume control types: volumes dial buttons and seek bar. If you miss the old feel of iPod’s dial control or analogue speakers, you’ll love this app’s dial UI! There are sound profiles for ringtones, notifications, alarm and even for music or media played on your phone. You can set it to mute, unmute, or vibrate mode automatically on specific schedules. No need to fumble through the volume settings every day when you go to the office or school.

Volume Control +
Volume Control +
Developer: Coffeebreak Apps
Price: Free

Music Volume EQ

For mobile music lovers, Music Volume EQ is an awesome app to transform your phone into a speaker system. After all, what’s the use of all the volume settings if you can’t adjust the bass, bandwidth and loudness of each frequency range? This Android volume booster app has a 5-band equalizer control and bass booster that can transform the sounds coming out of your Android. You can lock the volume profiles for all media players and you’ll get 9 equalizer presets or you can customize your own and save it. It also has a cool stereo led VU meter and visualizer effect to set the music mood.

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Speaker Booster

This is one of the best free audio booster apps in the Android market. The interface design is quite different from other apps, simple and minimalist, with boost of color. Most of the feedback is about how it cranks up the volume effectively for most mobile phone models, so a bit of advice; don’t try adjusting the settings way too high if you’re in your headphones. With the native algorithm that adjusts the audio channels, it can increase about a third of your phone’s original volume setting. It can increase the overall volume of your Android, or you set profiles for music playback and notifications.

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Smart Volume Control

This is one app that you’ll definitely miss if you change phones. Although this isn’t free, Smart Volume Control+ has multiple audio settings that you can never fathom about, which makes it worth every penny. Let’s start with the volume profiles for your ringtone, in-call audio and notifications sounds, plus options for Bluetooth, Airplane or flight mode and for mobile data activity. You can turn on vibrate and mute whenever needed, or set the volume based on your speed settings. That means that if you’re in a bus or train, the app can change the volume automatically based on how fast you’re moving.  It also has sound and activation options for timers and calendar. For example, you can schedule the whole phone to go on silent mode automatically during regular class schedules.

Volume Booster GOODEV

Another volume booster app in the list is from GOODEV. The app helps to increase the speaker and headphone sound volume. You will find two main options, one is the volume of the phone and the other one is a boost. Move the slider of the boost option to get high volume. Pros of this app are Instructions are available within the app, multiple features of sound apart from boost. Coming to Cons some users reported destroyed speaker after using it for prolonged amount of time.

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Volume Booster by Wait What

This volume maximizer app gives you clean and rich design. It claims to increase the volume by 15% to 30% depending upon the device. You will experience the sound difference in speakers as well as in headphones. App Pros are It lets you adjust media volume, device volume, and notification volume also. Coming to Cons the only downside of this app is that it contains ads.

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Sound Booster

This application is commonly used when the user wishes to play music on his Android gadget in parties. It helps to amplify the volume of the music to such an extent that it helps the phone ring louder and plays the music or video at a higher pitch. You can also restore the volume back to the original as and when required.

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Music Equalizer

Another sound equalizer that is apt to enhance the quality of the music coming out of your Android gadget, this application has nine EQ types based on the type of music you wish to hear and prefer. It also has a five band equalizer that allows you to create your own favourite music What is more, its desktop widget allows you to have on hand the main controls at all times so that you can adjust the volume of the music that you play.

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Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate is one of the best Volume booster apps for Android, it is used by millions of people all over the world. The app is very simple; it will definitely boost the volume your device with just one tap. The percentage of volume boost may differ from device to device. The app is completely free to download and use; the app is rated 4.3 out of 5.

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Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on Best Volume Booster apps for android. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about the entire article. Here we have listed out top 10 volume booster apps. We think you all like this article. If you have any queries regarding this article, kindly post them in comment box. Thank You.

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