How to Uninstall Avast in Safe Mode? Windows Antivirus Tricks

How to Uninstall Avast in Safe Mode? Everybody knows that Avast is one of the best antivirus for android and windows users.  Avast Free antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security are the most popular antivirus software’s in the world. We have already come with the article Best Free Antivirus for Android users.  Downloading and installing the antivirus is very easy that everyone knows the procedure. Some of the antivirus apps have a free version up to some time. After that we have to buy the pro version or we have to update the antivirus software by serial keys.  Below I have mentioned two methods to uninstall avast in safe mode.

uninstall avast in safe mode

But sometimes it happens that we do not update antivirus software’s. In the absence of antivirus signature data update, if a new virus comes into your PC so antivirus cannot detect it and the virus can corrupt your system files. There are so many viruses, which can also corrupt your antivirus. Antivirus stops functioning. Some people will not satisfy with the antivirus software that are using. They want to uninstall or remove the software. But it should be done in the safe mode. Some of the files and cache files are hidden in the system. If we want to remove it, so it does not uninstall & gives error. Then you will need Avast uninstall utility to Uninstalling Avast Antivirus 2017. Today I’ll tell you how to uninstall Avast Antivirus 12 (2017) manually. First you will need to download “Avast Uninstall Tool” from the official Avast Antivirus website. Which also call Avast clear, Avast Uninstall Utility or Avast removal utility?

Avast Safe Mode

It has been a year since I have been using the free version of Avast Antivirus on my computer and so far it did a pretty decent job. However, recently I decided to go all in and upgrade to a paid antivirus which could provide more security. I also decided to switch from Avast to a new one. This meant I had to completely uninstall Avast! From my PC first.

Now when it comes to un installation of Antivirus products, I never rely on Windows Add/Remove programs for the task. I have had a tough time in the past when some leftover files of my old antivirus were coming in the way of the installer of the new antivirus and it turned out to be a nightmare. Since that day, I always look for the official removal tool by the same company, which all legit antivirus products provide.

Why not Avast Uninstall Utility?

Avast Uninstall Utility is the removal tool that’s officially provided by Avast for the complete removal of their products. However the only problem was that it required me to boot the computer in Safe mode before I could actually use it, which I was not in the mood for.

During the research I found another interesting third-party tool called Avast Cleanup Tool which could remove it without booting the computer in Safe Mode. The tool completely removes all the leftover files and registry entries from the computer.

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How to Uninstall Avast in Safe Mode?

Method 1: Use Avast Clear to Uninstall Avast in Safe Mode

Avast clear is an intuitive tool from the creators of Avast itself that is designed specifically to uninstall any and all Avast products installed on a computer. Click here to download Avast clear. It will automatically prompt you to run the tool in Safe Mode. Run the executable Avast clear.

Follow the onscreen instructions and browse to the folder in which you have installed the Avast product you want to uninstall. (If you’ve not used a custom folder, then leave it to defaults). Click on Remove buttonRestart your computer, and Avast clear will finalize the uninstallation when your computer boots up. Once you have no more use for Avast clear, you can uninstall it from your computer.

Method 2: Use the ESET Antivirus Remover tool to Uninstall Avast in Safe Mode

If Avast clear fails to successfully uninstall Avast from your computer (which is quite unlikely) or if you simply don’t want to use Avast clear, you can use the ESET Antivirus Remover tool instead. The ESET Antivirus Remover tool is designed to be able to uninstall almost every single antivirus or anti-malware program out there, and that includes all Avast programs. Go here and download an appropriate version (32-bit or 64-bit) of the ESET Antivirus Remover.

uninstall avast in safe mode

Install and run the utility. Click on Continue and allow the ESET Antivirus Remover tool to scan your computer for all previously installed security programs. When provided with the results of the scan, select all of the Avast applications that you want removed from your computer and click on Remove.

Confirm the action by clicking on Remove in the warning window that pops up. Wait until the tool displays a message stating “Applications successfully removed”. At this point, the applications you selected will have been removed and you can close down the utility.


Here as a result technologymess came to a conclusion on how to uninstall avast in safe mode? Up to my knowledge I gave you a clear information about the entire article. The above mentioned two methods are the best in uninstall avast in safe mode. If you have any queries regarding this post kindly post them in comment box. We always help you to solve your queries. Thank you.


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