Top 5 Best Free SMS Sites to Send Fake SMS To Prank Your Friends

Hello everyone today’s article is about Best Free SMS sites to send fake sms to prank your friends. Playing pranks with friends is a good way to have a fun with them. You can use various methods to prank and surprise them. Another good thing you can do is send anonymous text from an unknown number. This is the best methods you can do prank your friends. This method involves almost no harm, but it gives more pleasure and fun. I use this method almost to prank my friends. Let’s see what free SMS sites to send fake sms are.

It lets you hide your identity; you can send unlimited prank text to your friends without even registering anywhere. If you are wonder about how to send anonymous text to your friends, then you are at right place. Here, I will tell you some best free SMS sites to send fake sms where you can prank your friends easily. Well, there is some free anonymous SMS site available, but I will share the best sites to send anonymous text message to your friend without login or registering there.

How to Send Anonymous Text Messages from Free SMS Sites?

Sending anonymous text from fake SMS sites is quite simple. Here are the steps that you need to perform to send any fake and prank text your friends.

  • The very first thing you need to do is visit any of the sites which I mentioned below.
  • Then fill number of your friend whom you want to prank. Then enter your message.
  • Most of the sites provide a captcha to solve in order to prevent spammers. If you see any captcha, solve that and hit send button.
  • You will find that your friend got the sms instantly.

Now, I think you got the answer about Free SMS sites to send fake sms.

Note:- Use them only to send prank text to your friends. You should not use them for illegal purpose. If you are thinking that you will be anonymous by using these sites, then let me tell you are totally wrong. You can still tracked by Your IP address. So, I request you to not to use this for illegal purpose. If not carry on with your own risk.

List of Free SMS sites to send fake sms


It is a good website to send any kind of anonymous messages to any of your friends quickly.The service is quite is one of the best Free SMS sites to send fake sms. You don’t need to register here. The process is simple, and you will learn it on your first visit.


As, the name suggests, this site is meant for anonymous texting from fake numbers to your friends. Its  quite simple, your friend cant know that it is a fake mail. This is also one of the best Free SMS sites to send fake sms.

  1. TxtEmNow

TxtEmNow is a free service to send anonymous text SMS to your friends to play pranks with them. This site supports international SMS so you can send free prank text messages to your friends who live abroad. I suggest this as a best Free SMS sites to send fake sms.


SendAnonymousSMS is the best fake SMS site to send prank text messages to your friends. It is one of the most trusted sites in the world, and most of the people love its service. With this service, you can send an unlimited number of text messages to your friends anytime anywhere for free.


This is another web based anonymous text site which offers free anonymous text to almost all the number in the USA. It has a fast service to send SMS, and you can easily prank your friends with this service. It provides good service, but it only restricted to 140 characters, and you can’t send a long text.

These are the best Free SMS sites to send fake sms. Although there are some more good fake SMS sites but I didn’t include them because some of them are paid and some need registration.



Here, technologymess has come to a conclusion on Free SMS sites to send fake sms. Let me remind you again that these sites are just to send prank text messages, and you should never use them for illegal purpose. If not you will be in difficulty for sure. Up to my knowledge I had given you a clear information about Free SMS sites to send fake sms. If you have any doubts or alternatives of this site kindly post them in comment box. Hence I request you to share this article in social media. Thank You.


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