Sites Like Craigslist – Best Craigslist Alternatives 2017 (Verified)

Sites like craigslist. The internet technology has greatly changed the way we do plenty of things. We now easily turn to the internet to find almost anything we need. Ranging from common stuff like foods, cars, bikes, outfits, furniture, TVs and kitchen stuff to useful information like places, personal ads, personal classifieds or opportunities of jobs. Moreover, buying and selling things through the online world seems to be more efficient and beneficial. See below for sites like craigslist.


Most of the time, we rely on a search engine to help us find various stuff. If you like to enjoy more pleasant results, you might need to visit online classified or ad listing sites like craigslist. In order to make every visitor find what they are looking for is  easy. Craigslist organizes all the personal free classifieds into different categories. In addition to the jobs, housing, and personal categories, you can also make a more effective search. It will look at other general categories like community, for sales, services, gigs, resumes and discussion forums. You can also make your search more accurate, you can simplify and type the place on the search tab.

Craigslist is an online classified and advertisement provider that provide a lot of advertisement. In the shape of job advertisement, house for sale, house for rent, services required, services wanted, gigs, item for sale and much more. The system of Craigslist is much similar to that of the real hard copy of a newspaper that contains a specific classified section. Where it provides the different type of advertisement and makes the readers able to get all advertisement about any topic on a central platform? So many sites like craigslist are there. Up to your ease i mentioned top 10 sites like craigslis.

Craigslist Features

Same is the system of Craigslist that is a digital platform for getting the free classified and advertisement on the desired topics. Craigslist is the advertisement and classified provider of all type of ads that you can search in arranged categories. Community, housing, jobs, personals, for sale, wanted, services required, gigs, resumes and much more. There is a discussion form in the Craigslist as well. In addition to all these, Craigslist allows the users to post their ads for free as well.

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Craigslist was one of the first websites to transition a real-world industry to the Internet, namely classified advertisements in newspapers. However, this means that you have to do more of the legwork when it comes to buying or selling, and Craigslist likely won’t come to your rescue if a deal goes sour. Whatever you’re looking for in a classified advertisement portal to help you buy or sell stuff, hopefully you’ll find it in one of these 10 other websites like Craigslist.

Top 10 Sites like Craigslist


Geebo is an online classified add provider of employment, real estate, vehicles, local artists, house for sale, apartments for sale and likewise many other types of advertisement for free. Geebo is one of the alternative sites like craigslist. Every day it places the hundreds of ads on its online platform and allows the users to search quickly for the particular advertisement according to their own requirement. The users can easily search either by using the advanced search system.


Oodle is a web based market of the millions of advertisement and classifieds. And all these are entirely free to access and easy to share with others. It is basically a classifieds aggregator that collects the advertisement from the local newspapers and some online leading sources like ForRent and eBay. Oodle is one of the best alternative sites like craigslist. It also gets the date from Oodle is another popular substitute for Craigslist.

It’s one of the largest classified advertisement collections on the Internet today, pulling from sources such as eBay, MySpace, ForRent, and local listings from newspapers in major cities and metropolitan areas.  It’s one that you’ll want to check out if you’re into social media, as its interface is very similar to that of Facebook. In fact, you need a Facebook account to post advertisements on Oodle.

3.Classifieds Giant

ClassifiedsGiant is a free classified provider of advertisements of all type that connects the seller with buyers to finalize the deal between them according to their own terms and conditions. It is a marketplace for getting the classified and ads in the category of jobs, apartments, rentals, pets, services required autos, employment, and much more. ClassifiedsGiant is the online free and friendly advertisement provider of thousands of millions of advertisement


Backpage is a free classified provider that permits its users to search and post unlimited jobs at its giant classified platform. Backpage is an online market of classified that provide the users with the system of free access. Done from any part of the world and sell and trade online. The online trading in that sense it basically connects the potential buyers and sellers to each other. Backpage is one of the largest alternatives to Craigslist inside the United States, though it serves classified advertisements for major urban areas around the globe, too. This sites like craigslist experience with better performance. It’s probably one of the most similar websites to Craigslist on this list; it has a simple, no-nonsense interface, and most of its advertisements are free to post.  You can even include videos with some advertisements!

5.Classified Ads

Classified Ads is a web based free to use ad viewing and posting system that can be accessed from any part of the world to view the local ads of any area and location. Classifieds in a shape of real estate, jobs, cars, service required, wanted, property, vehicles and everything else. Like OfferUp, is a relatively new Craigslist-like site from the Seattle area.  Launched in 2006, it’s 100% free to use, meaning that no advertisements will cost you money to post.  It also allows you to create an account through Facebook, though, like Craigslist, it doesn’t require you to have an account in order to post an advertisement

6.eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds that is also known as Kijiji is the digital classified market that is being backed by the eBay, a giant online retailer. This alternate make it easy for the internet users across the globe to search quickly for the local advertisement of their any particular category and get their ad posted as well for free. It is the system of free ad viewing and placing service that…eBay is more of a self-contained e-commerce platform than a classified advertising website like Craigslist.  It even has its own separate classifieds branch in eBay Classifieds, which we mentioned above.

However, eBay still gets mentioned frequently as an alternative to Craigslist because of its emphasis on person-to-person buying and selling of objects.  eBay is most famous for letting users bid on things that they want in auctions, but many items on it can now be bought for fixed prices.  For some items, you can even negotiate a price that both you and the seller think is fair.


Recycler is a dedicated classified provider just like its name Recycler for the second hand used the product only. These products can be in any category without any limitation. The system of Recycler is just like the other classified provider with the only difference. That is its way of doing business in second hand and used products only. Recycler is an online classifieds comparable to Craigslist. Like Oodle, Recycler has begun integrating with social media. Allowing you to post your advertisements on your Facebook wall or in local print publications as well as on the website. As with Craigslist, most advertisements are free, but some require you to pay money in order to post them or get premium features.

8. U.S Free Ads

U.S. Free Ads has been around almost as long as Craigslist has, and it appears to share the same aesthetic of effectiveness through simplicity.  You need an account to post advertisements on U.S. Free Ads; a free account allows you to post advertisements for no cost, but upgraded accounts come with additional tools and ways to get exposure for your advertisements.  U.S. Free Ads is a rather popular classified advertisement portal for adopting or selling pets, notably dogs and horses.


Hoobly is a classifieds website very similar to Craigslist, with a very minimalist design.  One major difference, however, is that you choose what you’re looking for, and then pick where to look for it.  Like eBay Classifieds, Hoobly is apparently a popular choice for people looking to sell or adopt pets.

10.City News

City News is one of the most popular Craigslist alternative websites. It covers classified advertisement, featured ads. It is used by people from the countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia. Each classified ad creates a one-page website where you can add single photo or multiple photos to your classified ad for free. It offers free classified ads to all and you can upgrade your plan at a minimum cost. You can easily post or search any ads from this site like craigslist.


Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on sites like craigslist or alternatives for craigslist. Up to my knowledge i gave you a clear information about all the article. If you have any queries kindly post them in comment box. We are always here to help you. If you any suggestions kindly let them know. Hence i request you to share this article in social media sites.

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