Send Fake Mail? How to Prank Your Friends 2017 (100% Working)

Send Fake mail. Here we came up with new article that is send fake mail . Want to know how? Here is a solution for your doubt. Yes, we can send mail from a website called One thing you have to know is it is just for prank purpose. Illegal actions cannot encouraged. Follow the simple steps with your own risk. We can send emails from any ones email ID without knowing their password. Yes it’s possible to send emails without knowing passwords. Won’t U believe ? Then let me help. Just play fun with your friends. Some sites, where you can use their service. Always remember, these services are not made to do offence. Follow simple steps and send fake mails to others.

Send fake mail to your friends, with out mail id. One thing you want to know is whether they are using the mail. id or not. From address also should be typed from our side. Choose the name by which you want to prank your friend by the fake mail. Follow the simple steps below and enjoy the send fake mails to prank.

Simple Steps to Send Fake Mail

First of all you have to go fake email services provider website.[] this is one of the fake email provider go to that link. When you are enter into the, site page will be look like below image.

How to send fake emails |send anonymous email

  • Step 1: Enter any fake name as u like it may be celebrities names or any else. Now your friend will not identify that it is a fake name
  • Step 2: Enter fake email of any one. It doesn’t need to exist. Enter the fake mail anonymously.
  • Step 3:- Enter email of your friend whom you want to sent . He will not identify that you are sending email to him.
  • Step 4:- Enter the subject which you want to discuss with your friend.
  • Step 5:- Enter the message which you want to send to your friend.

You can also send any files by attaching it to email.

Finally click on the send button.It will reach your friend mail within few seconds.

*Some other websites are also providing this type of sending fake mails.


Here as a result technolgymess has came to a conclusion on How to send fake mail. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about all the information mentioned above. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. We are always here to help you. We will be glad if you comment or share about this article. Hence share this article with your friends in social media sites. Thank You.


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