Top 10 Roku Free Movie Channels 2017 ( Verified)

Roku Free Movie Channels. Movie Apps give a systematic ease of access to the viewer as they provide an extensive list of new and old movies in most of the spoken languages and subtitles on a single app platform. The amazing top movie apps for android are listed in this article are the future of movies based entertainment. Most of the people on this planet consider catching movies as the best form of entertainment. Some of these Android movie apps come with the capability to download them as well which adds up to their utility for everyone.

Movie apps are catering to almost every genre like drama, comedy, fiction, horror, romance, thriller etc. They also boast of libraries that often run into a few million. An active internet connection and an Android/IOS device are all that is needed to download these free movie apps. Enjoying unlimited movies on free movie apps is one of the cool ways to kill boredom at home. Roku free movie channels give you a wonderful experience. Here in this article I listed out some top Roku free movie channel apps for android.

Roku Free Movie Channels

Roku free Movie channels are free movie apps. In simplest language explained, Roku is just a set-top box that helps in streaming videos and playing music on your TV. This software application helps the user by allowing him or her to play and view many streaming media like music, videos, and podcasts from the internet. There are tons of movies channels available for Roku device. Most of them are offering free content, but that doesn’t mean it is good. Even though it is free, most of them may not provide good quality of videos that you expect.

Roku is a small smart device that can extend your cable TV. Roku device is offering additional channels for your TV including sports, news, entertainment, etc. There are few good free movie channels that you can install on your device. You can depend on these channels to watch quality movies on your big screen.

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List of Roku Free Movie Channels

1. Showbox Roku Channel

Show BOX is one of the best and free movie apps for android and it is a user-friendly interface. You can easily watch movies, TV series and reality shows. Show Box is a user-friendly Android app and through which you can navigate quickly. This app lets you watch movies, stream videos from third party websites without any hassles. HD stuff is supported, if your device is high end, you can stream full HD (1080P) videos also. Although it is the small android, you can download the movies without paying any time.

2.Crackle Roku Channel

Crackle is one of the best free movie apps for android and iOS users. It has good collection of movies to watch it online on your android or iOS device. It has an amazing search option which let you to search your favourite movies and stream it online. One of the best features of this app is to save your watch list and movie list after creating a free account on this app. Apart from movies; Crackle movie app also has a number of popular T.V. shows in its kitty. A lot of commercials and advertisements make this app a bit less desirable if compared with the others in the list

3. YouTube Roku Channel

YouTube is well known app for free video streaming for all smartphone users. It has one of the largest video collections to watch it online for free. You can easily search any of your video and movies from this app and watch it online. One of the best features of this app is to provide trending videos. So you can get top trending videos of today. It has a good streaming technology which let you to play any of the videos while you have slow internet connection.

4.Netflix Roku Channel

Netflix is a good app to stream any of your favourite movies online on your smartphone. It has good collection of movies, TV shows and series to watch it online. It let you to watch top and award winning Netflix original series, and documentaries. Netflix has a good technology as to provide recommended video or movies according to your previously streamed movies.

5.Tubi TV

Tubi TV is another good and popular free movie apps which allows you to stream any of your favourite movies on your smartphone. It has good collection of free movies, TV shows and series. You can easily search and watch any of your favourite movies, shows and series. It allows you to search the movies by its title, genres, and also some unique categories not on the other apps.


Popcornflix is another better free movie apps for both android and iOS users. It has good collection of free movies which can be easily search and stream it online on your smartphone. You can watch full length of movies in full HD video quality. It has good interface and easy to use app for all users and also can search the movie by its title, genres including family kids, horror, comedy, drama, documentaries and others.


Hubi is one of best android movie app by which let you stream online movies, tv channels and much more. Further, you can download any videos around the web, and you won’t be charged for downloading. Even the downloading is considerably faster since it collects the downloads and provide you their server links. Overall, Hubi is another app that resonate with your movie needs, that what I recommend. Recently, Hubi got many hosters of their movies, so you can expect multiple streaming links of each movie which you want to watch.

8. VUDU Roku Channel

VUDU delivers a cinema-like experience at home with the hottest new releases and the largest HD library. There are no subscription fees or late fees, simply pay for what you watch. Choose to rent or own from thousands of titles available in vibrant 1080p with rich Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

9. Comet TV Roku Channel

New addition to the Roku movie channels, Comet, now available to Roku. COMET is a free television channel dedicated to sci-fi entertainment. This Roku channel is offering popular favourites, movies, cult classics, shows like DragonFlyTv, GetWild, etc. and other movies, every day.

10.  Snag Films

This is available for IOS users only and caters to almost every possible expectation of the Apple users. The app has a large number of categories ranging from very diverse genres like silent movies, cult horror movies, underworld fiction etc. The number of titles is above 50000 right now. They are slowly ramping up their movie library to reach a lakh movie titles.


Here as a result technologymess has come to a conclusion on Roku free movie channels. Up to my knowledge I gave you clear information on Roku free movie channels. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. We are always here to help you. Kindly help us by sharing this article in social media sites. Thank You.

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