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Best 10 Free File Sharing Sites 2017. Today I’m going to share best file sharing websites of 2017. You can upload unlimited files, you can share, unlimited files I have shortlisted these sites which pay much money.

free file sharing sites

Sharing documents is not any more simply confined to messages or compress records and is fairly an age-old idea now. Till date at whatever point we consider sending documents to customers or colleagues on the web, the principal strategy that you review is to send them by means of email! The way that email accompanies constrained document sending abilities identified with the extent of the record or to the quantity of documents that you can send at one time makes the client feel powerless. Here I have listed out some free file sharing sites to share files.

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List of Best 10 Free File Sharing Sites

File Dropper

File Dropper is a Free File Sharing Sites where you can share files. If you are looking for a file hosting domain that enables you to share files in the wink of an eye without signing up File Dropper should be one of your primary choices. You just need to upload your file, click on the share link and zoom, you are there! You can now copy the File Dropper link or the embed code and share your files with whoever you want for no cost at all. What more, as for anonymous sharing the allowed upload size is as large as 5GB and there are no countdown tickers to disturb yours sharing process.


Wikisend is another free file sharing service that can solve your online needs. This web uploader has a simpler interface that allows a maximum file size of 100MB. Please note that files with 1-7 day lifetime will have primary status and one can access them with full speed. You are also allowed to set a password to protect your files.


Snaggy is basically an image sharing tool. It’s a simple online file sharing method to share a screenshot without any installation or software download. By pressing few keys, you can copy the image to the clipboard and directly paste it on the web interface. It also provides an option to crop and edit the images with a built-in editor.

Okay, so if you are keen to share a collection of images rather than one at a time, then is just the right tool for you. It is a free web tool where you can share files even without signing up for an account. To make sharing simple you can drag and drop an entire photo collection at once, using the tool.

The short link that is generated can be shared either using email or to your social networking accounts such as, Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. Your social media friends will then be able to view your photo album and even download them.

What you need to know here is that your shared files will be available to you only for a month (30 days).


ShareByLink is an easy-to-use file sharing tool allows you to share any files instantly. Its plus point is that it streams files from your computer and gives you a shareable link instantly. It means that you don’t have to wait for the big uploads to finish. The file link expires in 30 days, which is, according to me, enough to get the work done.

This online file sharing tool is all about simplicity and ease. You don’t need to complete any type of registration to use the service. Simply download the application and select the file that you need to share using the drag-and-drop and consider the work done. You just need to copy the shared link and send it to the receiver. ShareByLink is free to use you won’t face and any trouble using it.


Droplr is a renowned file sharing tool that makes your life easier. It’s best suited for sharing the images, thanks to a built-in annotation tool and the ability to type text notes right into Droplr. However, it supports all types of files. It can also record screens and lets you set keyboard shortcuts that allow you to do all the work without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

Using Droplr is as simple as dragging and dropping a file to its desktop icon. It gives you a short link that you can share with others for easy access. Apart from major operating systems, Droplr also gives you an option of Chrome extension that’s a simple and powerful way of using Droplr.

The free version of the tool has one major drawback. The links of shared files expire after one week. In its premium version, you get extra features like password protection, self-destruct feature, and URL-hiding. It gives you a good interface of Free File Sharing Sites.

free file sharing sites


It could not be easier than this when a home page shows a page just asking you to drop files and no other humdrum. We are already in love with this uber-simple tool where you just need to drop the file and that’s it. As you see the page continues to refresh each time you drop a file you gain more confidence in this newly created web tool for file sharing.

As soon as you add the file, it instantly generates a short code for you to share it with your fellow workers or clients. While you surely can sign up for an account, you can also use this tool absolutely free of cost anonymously for file sizes up to a max of 1GB which is a decent offering compared to the other tools in the league.

In the meantime, your online buddies who have access to your added files can even download them. While you choose a file to download, Dropcanvas automatically shortens the selected files to lessen the load of the file. On the other hand, the editing option that you see in the tool it means that you can add or remove files from it and is not an option to edit images.


For that quick and easy file sharing solution anonymously which is free for life you can surely turn to this extremely simple web tool Tinyupload. There is nothing much to ponder about as the landing page itself offers the upload tool where you can browse and add your files. One of the additional but optional feature that it offers here that you can add a description for your uploaded the file before your send it to your contacts. It is one of the best Free File Sharing Sites.

While we tested it, we can safely say that the upload speed is quite good in its league. Tinyupload then generates two short codes for your file, one of which is for download the other for deleting the file if you wish to (a feature that is not available in some of the other free file sharing tools). So while it’s that easy to upload files and share them in minutes, it is imperative to note that the file size is restricted to 50MB per file.


PlusTransfer is a smooth transfer file tool that doesn’t need any registration or user account. This online file sharing tool also doesn’t require any type of software installation. You just need to open the online uploader and click the big + button, select a file, and enter the email addresses and hit send.

This service is 100% free and you can send up to 5GB data for free. This could be easily called one of the simplest methods to share large files. As they state, it needs absolutely no technical knowledge.


Sending large files via email isn’t possible as the email providers limit the size of attachments. The file sharing using SendThisFile can be done by two methods — a share link and an email plugin. The share link is a URL that can be accessed by the recipient to grab the file. The subscription plans come with up to 500GB online storage and 14 day file access. For secure file sharing, SendThisFile uses 128-bit encryption. Sendthisfile comes into Free File Sharing Sites.

If you instantly need to share some files to your friends or family, you can try out SendThisFile trial plan. While it doesn’t need any credit card information, you’ll experience a reduced transfer speed. The free plan also limits the file size to 2GB.

free file sharing sites


Here as a result we came to a conclusion on Free File Sharing Sites. I have listed out some Free File Sharing Sites up to my knowledge. There are so many sites which are able to share files online. Among those I have listed out top 10 which are very useful to you. If you have any queries regarding this article, kindly post them in comment box. We are always there to help you out. Thank you.


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