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Siri App for android. Everyone has their own Personal Assistant. Thinking Who? Yes, its true. Its your android itself. Absolutely every android is personal assistant for users. Everyday we have a lot of tasks on our android device. Had you ever thought about a personal assistant? Siri is a personal assistant that help you to do all the task on your android device. It is a well known voice assistant app for iphone. Here its time to try the best personal assistant apps for android like siri.

Assistant apps are the options for users to assist your work to android, boost up your mobility or productivity. Each and everyday life becomes much easier than before. There is no best alternative of personal assistant apps for android.

Siri App for Android- Download

When Siri app launched on iOS, it was the hottest topic all over the world. It became an integral part of apple systems. That time android voice assistant app was not yet there. Both are good competitors. So, google also released its voice assistant app for android users. By this you can ask anything which includes setting up alarm, meeting, calls, making calls or anything that one could do as an assistant to mobiles.

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List of Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Google Now

Google Now is an integrated app in most of the android phone by default. You can start your commands by saying “Ok Google” then search for your query to get the solution. You must have the Google play services and other essential things to make use of Google Now. If you installed the Google Now Launcher, you’ll get the voice assistant in the homepage of the smartphone.

You can start searching for nearest restaurants, hotels, cafes anything nearby your location. But, due to some legal entities all the features are not available in all the countries

Google Now Launcher
Google Now Launcher
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Google Assistant

Google debuted the Google Assistant with their messaging app “Allo”. Then, it was integrated deeply with Android 7.1 on the Google Pixel, and Pixel XL. Obviously, the phones have a lot more going for them, but the Assistant was the talking point, and for good reason. The Google Assistant is quite simply the best assistant out there. It easily beats Siri, in every way possible. Google Assistant can easily handle simple queries about the weather, and the time – that’s obvious. You can also use Google Assistant to set reminders, call or text people, and much more. All the bells and whistles that you would expect from a smart assistant are there in Google Assistant.

Google Allo
Google Allo
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


This is one of the best personal assistant apps for Android Smartphone and Tablet that I had missed to include here on this list and it’s called Cortana. It lets you to track of the important stuff across your devices, no matter wherever you are. You’ll never let you forget anything like set a reminder to pick a pizza from outside when you’ll come back, she’ll alert you on your phone at right time.

You’ll never miss a call again, if you get a call on your phone She’ll let you know on your PC. She’ll also help you with messed-up traffic when you’re going to attend a meeting. She always gets to know you better all the time. You want to know the flight info or need a fast answer for anything, just ask her. She can help track the things you’re passionate about. like your favorite artist or sports team and give you smarter recommendations

Assistant – Your Voice Aide

This is the most popular and probably the best personal Assistant app for Android Smartphone and Tablet. It’s a fantastic voice assistant app that answers your questions, sets the alarm clock, finds your required information, and nicely connects you with various web services. It’s a girl and can learn, so you just need to teach her – how can she help you? It can learn and remember your favorite places, services, and preferences.

There’s no need to memorize any special command or learn any tricks to make the assistant work for you. Just speak naturally, your assistant will understand you. It really cares about you and your interest. It can speak your languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc. Assistant-ai is always at your service if you want you can use the same assistant on your Android Smartphone, Tablet, or Computer. Overall, this Android Assistant app is a must have for those who really want an assistant at their daily life.

Smart Voice Assistant
Smart Voice Assistant
Developer: voiceassistant
Price: Free

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Another virtual assistant with great voice recognition capabilities – the Indigo Virtual Assistant can easily handle weather, and time related queries. Unlike Cortana, it even understands context based weather queries. Cortana should really catch up on that.

Indigo Virtual Assistant can set up reminders for you, and it can call people, or send text messages, if you ask it to, which is good. Funnily enough, the assistant does not seem to support context, at all. It’s funny, because once again, it supports context in weather related queries.

I didn’t really expect it to, but the assistant can control brightness, and other system settings for you. So, more points for that. We’ve officially crossed the line into assistants with really terrible voice feedback, and the extremely artificial voice feedback in Indigo is something I wish they worked a bit more on.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is one of the fantastic personal assistant apps for Android device that can complete your tasks quickly and easily. It features some of the great features so that you can make it your own personalized virtual assistant. This assistant can send and receive text messages, email, post to Facebook and twitter, and much more according to your command.

It helps you set reminders, make initial appointments, and search the Internet without lifting a finger. You can turn on the Attentive mode to wake up your assistant anytime, even if your phone screen is locked.  Use your own voiceprint, so your assistant will be attentive only your commands, no one else. Just choose a voice and give a name to your assistant, and start your journey.


In the world of personal or virtual assistance applications, Robin has the depth. Being an influenced app, Robin is an open challenge to the Siri. It includes all the basic features like calling, text messages, email, adding contact and perform many other things. Although it still in the beta version, it has rooms for development. Apart from that, everything is quite clean and smooth with a professional touch.

Robin deserves the spot for the mention; it does support the gestures you can assign specific gestures for an app or task. Like all the Siri alternative apps, it is a great learner of your commands and one of the best virtual assistant app out there. Overall, for free it is something deserves the attention.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁


This is utter BETA, this is the only offline personal voice assistant app on this list. Utter is always different from others, and its priority is to be super functional and ultra fast! It’s very lightweight on the resource, and runs in the background, and even does not have a user-interface. So that, its functions are available anywhere, or anytime to interact with any application.

With highly optimized algorithms, utter aims to make voice control almost everything on your Android device. You can wake up Utter with just a wave, shake, or even a good old-fashioned button press. One thing should be noted that offline workability is available for only Jelly Bean. Overall, Utter is one of the best free personal voice assistant apps for Android.

utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)
utter! Voice Commands (Deprecated)

Andy Assistant

Andy has a tagline of Siri-like assistance; the UI is quite clumsy but if you fit it would do a miracle. If you were crazy about driving, you could make of Andy’s inbuilt navigation system, which provides the real-time direction using GPS. You can curate information about celebrity’s, places, and others with Wikipedia. After all, the UI is quite similar to the Siri Assistant app but relatively modified.

It would answer your queries without any hassles, even it would help you to perform the task like sending text messages, email, calls and other things that involve the hand’s usage.

AIVC (Alice)

Alice is a basic learner from your day-to-day voice commands. Being a free virtual assistant app, you can perform all the basic yet essential tasks like calling, sending text messages, setting up a calendar event or meeting or alarm, email, translation, navigation (uses Google maps), and much more with your commands. Even it would solve the simple arithmetic maths problems for you, though it lacks to deliver the solution for the complex problems.

If you shoot the personal questions, as long as you connected to the internet. If you upgraded to the pro version, you would find the ad-free user interface with some spicy features added up. After all, you need to install the Google voice search as a foundation app; you can get it from this link.

AIVC (Alice)
AIVC (Alice)
Developer: YourApp24
Price: Free


Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on personal assistant apps for android. Up to our knowledge we gained some information regarding this article. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Hence, i request you to share this article with your friends. Thank u.

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