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How to Open iOS Apps in android. Wondering on hearing? Right, everyone cannot effort to buy iPhone. But they want to use iOS apps in android. For those people who are looking to Open iOS apps in android, here is a good solution for you guys. For this you don’t have to buy an iPhone in order to run iOS apps in android or play your favourite iOS games.
Android is a popular operating system for smartphone and across the world have a big fans of these. On the other side iOS is the operating systems for iPhones touch and has a huge number of users globally.

These two operating systems were developed by two different companies with two different key features. Mostly operating systems normally don’t allow users to run the other application of one another into their devices. Why because the coding of each application which supports functioning on one platform only.
But there is one method through which you can run iOS apps in android. The method is very simple and you have to download iOS emulator to help you open iOS apps in android. In this article we will fulfil your dream of using iOS apps on android with appropriate emulators. You can run iOS apps in android by using this emulator. Wondering on hearing right? yes, the technology was developing and i don’t know what are the things i am going to see in future.
How to Open iOS Apps on Android Mobile with iOS emulator for android

How to Open iOS Apps in Android?

We can use iOS Applications on android mobile by using IOS Emulator for Android. Basically, iOS emulator is a software which converts iOS applications to APK applications. It’s very easy to run IOS apps on Android mobiles. You just need IOS Emulator that’s it. Can run most of the iOS applications, games, and tools for android mobiles. You will get all features of iOS applications on your android mobile. iOS Emulator is available freely.

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Why iOS Emulators are Used?

Although, applications that are designed for iOS usually don’t show compatibility with other platforms like Android OS yet there are software available to run iOS applications on Android devices. This software is called emulator and they convert iOS apps into APK files so that you can smoothly run them on your smartphone or tablet that has any version of Android OS installed. In simple words, emulators are that software that lets users run a feature of one particular system into another one, even if by default the application doesn’t do that.

It is not possible for every user to buy one iOS and one Android device to see the features of both and companies don’t allow users to share applications on each-others devices that why the emulators are becoming popular day by day because they provide you the solution and get the benefits of those apps on your Android smartphone that were initially developed for iOS devices.


  • By using this iOS emulator you can access ios application on android mobile.
  • You can easily get all functions of iOS application on Android Mobile.
  • The most important requirement is your android mobile must have at least 512 MB RAM.
  • iOS emulator will support the higher version of android OS.
  • It can support all game-pads.
  • You can test various iOS applications on android mobile.

How To Open iOS Apps in Android With Best iOS Emulator For Android

To Run iOS Apps On Android there is iPhone Emulator For Android available. You just have to install iOS emulator APK file on your android smartphone and you will be able to open iOS apps in android.

iEMU is the most preferable emulator to run all the features of iOS devices easily into android phones and tablets. You can download iEMU for free and till now any major issue has not been reported after using it. Though, your device needs to meet certain requirement to use this software. For example, you should have at least 512MB on your phone so that you can run high end iOS apps smoothly. The size of the software is around 61MB so you need to have that much free space available on your device and it works with Android version 2.3 and newer which we don’t think would be a problem for any of the viewers because most of the android smartphones that we use nowadays either run on Marshmallow or Lollipop.

Download iEMU Apk for android


Requirements To Open iOS Apps in Android

  • Your Smartphone’s Android Version should be 2.3 or higher.
  • At least your phone should have 512 MB RAM.
  • iEMU App needs 61 MB memory fo apk files, so make sure your phone has this much free memory.

Download iEMU iOS Emulator For Android

Follow these simple steps to download iEMU App on your android smartphone.

  • Click on this download link to download iEMU iOS Emulator for android.
  • Navigate To your Android Device Settings > Security and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the location where the Apk file is stored.
  • Click on it to install.

Once the iEMU installation is completed, you will be able to see iEMU icon on your Android Device homescreen.

Once the installation is complete and everything is working, you can begin to enjoy the unlimited range of applications. But, this process serves multipurpose, i.e., if an app is available on both platforms through the Play store and App store runs differently on each device and you prefer using it on the iOS rather than Android, then you can use the iOS Emulator and run it on Android.

The iOS emulator for Android mimics the binary application interface of a free operating system. This leaves room for an Android device to run an unmodified iOS app. The emulator looks real while using the apps, delivering the same experience.

It is evident to wonder why certain apps are exclusive to iOS like Podcast, iMessages, iTunes, FaceTime, iCloud, etc., you may be wondering why it would be possible to find an app made for iOS, but that is not available for Android.

Wrapping it up

Running emulators on different platforms can be an amazing treat for techies. Especially with android devices, which provides much easier access to unlocking the full potential of your phone? Running iOS apps on Android is one of many things you can do with an android phone. Android is the best isn’t it? Of course

So, in phone era we have evolved ourselves into, we probably mingled back and forth with Apple and Android phones somewhere in our lifetime. Whether you’re a die-hard android or apple fan boy, each phone OS offers its unique apps we can’t access.

Safety assuming you’re an android user now, you might be missing some of those apple apps, or possibly just don’t pay for those expensive apple phones. Why would you, when you have more functions and customization you can perform on.


Here as a result technolgymess has came to a conclusion on open ios apps in android. Up to our knowledge we gave you best apk to open ios apps in android. We think that you all like this article. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Hence we request you to share this article in social media. Thank You.





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