Best 5 Music Identification Apps || Reverse Song Search, Identify the Song

Best music identification apps, search song by its music. Have you ever faced problem identifying songs? Undoubtedly yes for this answer from my side.  I saw some entertainment programs when I was kid, called song identification. We have to identify the song while they will play the song from middle. If we say the correct answer, we can win cash prize.  Interesting right? These days this facility was almost closed. Because people are running on the technology paths they can Google it and say the song easily. I think this is the main reason why TV Channels are not conducting those entertainment programs.

What are Music Identification Apps?

Music identification apps help us to find the song by its music. Music is the best path or part of our life. Songs keep depression and headache at bay. It helps us sleep and changes our mood when we are angry, sad or feel lonely. Frankly speaking, music is important and we cannot live without it. When internet network was in a preliminary stage, people tuned into the local radio station and bought VCRs to enjoy music. The internet and computers have changed the picture completely. Because of the computer, we can convert a music file from one format to another. New encoding algorithms generate smaller music files as compared to old algorithms. Because of small file size, we can save 100s of tracks on our mobile devices. These music identification apps help us in the way, to listen the full song of the tracks which we like when we listened to a little bit.

Music can lift our mood, help us to relax, or be the best company when we are feeling sad. The power of music is extraordinary and thanks to modern technology, we can listen to our favourite songs at any time and place. Smartphones and tablets have become our personal jukeboxes as there are many great apps to stream music on the go. Many of these apps allow us to look for a song we love, or browse through the catalogue of our favourite artists. However, there are times when we may not know the name of the band or the title of the song we are looking for.

How a Music Identification apps for android work?

Music Identification apps work with cloud connectivity to an online based database. First, they sample the music being played by the user, make a digital fingerprint from the sample and compare it against the online database for a match. Once it hits a match, the details of the song artist, album and title are returned to you. Some also give you lyrics to the song as well as the link to download the song.

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List of Best 5 Song Identification Apps

1. Shazam

Shazam is most famous Music Identification apps in the world. Now you can quickly search song by lyrics.  What you have to do is simple download Shazam app on your mobile. Now it takes just two minutes to identify the song. There are millions of people using this app for song recognition. Now you can discover your song lyrics very easily. It can support multiple platforms such as like windows, mac, and windows phone, IOS, Android, Android Wear and Apple Watch. Even you can find out new songs, albums, watch videos, etc. You access whenever you want. You can simple download from here.

music identification apps

Key Features of Shazam

  • You can enjoy songs and lyrics from YouTube
  • You may get new updates about videos, albums, single, etc.
  • preview new songs and albums and added them playlist
  • check Shazam app by using Google okay.
  • Follow worldwide artists from Shazam
  • It’s available freely
  • It can support all types of platforms
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2. Sound Hound

Sound hound is one of the best music reorganization apps in the list. You can quickly identify the song being played around you. By using this app, you can instantly get to know which song it would be. You can search for other ways also like by humming or singing into sound hound. It’s available on your favorite devices such as like Windows PC, IOS, Android, Android tablets, Apple watch and Blackberry. You can explore music that you love; here you may get more options like favorite songs, albums, news about music, etc. If you want to use this app on your mobile just simple click here to download.

music identification apps

Key Features of Sound Hound

  • You can easily get to know about latest music albums and news
  • preview new album songs and lyrics
  • save and add your Spotify playlist
  • You may share your favorite songs and music albums to social media through sound hound
  • watch your favorite videos from this website
  • Know more about your favorite songs biographer and latest brand info
  • It’s available freely
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3. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

Musixmatch is an amazing best free music identifier app for android users. With the help of this app, you can enjoy the lyrics of the song. There are world’s largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instantly synchronized lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and more. You can get lyrics in your favorite language in time with the music. You can also search the music with your favorite music title, artist name and others. With the help of this song identification android app you can easily search lyrics of your favorite song.

music identification apps

Key Features of Musixmatch

  • It can support android Wear and Android TV
  • search any song lyrics
  • It has advanced features such as like sleep timer and equalizer
  • You can create and share your favorite lyrics
  • You can quickly identify songs that playing around you
  • watch YouTube videos  also
  • It’s available freely
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4. Spotsearch

Spotsearch is world’s largest Music Identification apps in the list. You may find out the song by the snippet of the lyrics. It can support both Android and IOS mobiles. It works on more friendly nature. This app is used by more than 30 millions of people on their smartphone. You can easily identify music, lyrics, artist name, etc. What you have to do is simply download this app on your mobile. You can get daily updates about your favorite singers, albums, and band information. You can enjoy new songs, albums, videos from this website

music identification apps

Key Features of Spotsearch

  • It’s available freely
  • watch YouTube videos also
  • You can search song by lyrics
  • get more information about music
  • preview songs and albums
  • You can launch Pandora radio


5. TrackID

TrackId is best Music Identification apps for android. This app tells you what song you are listening and which song you listen most. This app is also use as offline mode so if you have a problem of internet then this app capture that track and recognise that track when you will be online. So this app also works in offline mode. This app is so fast so you can get song quickly. This free song id android app can help you to find name of artist, singer and other details of the particular song.

music identification apps

Key Features of TrackID

  • It can support android Wear and Android TV
  • You can search any song lyrics
  • You can watch YouTube videos also
  • search song by lyrics



Here as a result, we came to conclusion on best music identification apps. These apps are useful for identifying the song. These are also called as song identifier apps. There are so many apps for music identification. But, all the apps are not really useful. I have mentioned 5 best apps here. If you have any other apps, mention them in comment box. Please post your queries regarding this article in below comment box. Thank you.

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