Multiple accounts in Facebook Messenger now allow for android

Today’s article is about Multiple accounts in facebook Messenger.Facebook Messenger for Android has launched a new feature that will allow multiple users to share one device. The new feature for Messenger on Android, despite making it easier for multiple users to log in to Messenger in one device, still maintains privacy. Users will be able to see if there is any message that has come in for other users of the device, but they will not be able to read the messages that are not intended for them. Follow the simple steps and enjoy Multiple accounts in facebook Messenger. By following the simple steps you can enjoy Multiple accounts in facebook Messenger.

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How to Switch Multiple Accounts in Facebook Messenger

  • Open Facebook messenger in your android/tablet device.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on the accounts button.
  • You will find a ‘+’ mark on the top of the panel.
  • Click on it and add your user name and password.
  • Log in to messenger.

Users switching for the first time into their account on Messenger will be asked for a password. For succeeding times, users can decide whether accessing the account will always ask for a password to protect the contents of messages, or whether a password will no longer be asked to make the switching of accounts faster.Multiple accounts in facebook Messenger.This would be applicable in the scenario with parents and children, as parents can choose to make switching to the accounts of their children password-free so that they can check the conversations that involve their children, but have their own accounts password-protected so that their children will not be able to read through their parents’ personal messages.
As of now, the feature is only for Messenger’s Android version.Multiple accounts in facebook Messenger. There is no indication yet on when the feature will be rolled out for the app’s iOS version.

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