Mojo Installer for iOS 10 /iPhone/iPad Without Jail Break|| Download and Install

Mojo Installer for iOS. What is Mojo Installer? What you have to do to use this app? Why it has that much of popularity in people? Everyone has these types of questions in mind. Simply read this article and come to clarification on these questions. Basically iPhones are too expensive. Once it faces any issues, solving them is difficult task. By this everyone fears to Jailbreak iOS device.

What is Jail Break?

It is like breaking the boundaries. In other words we can say crossing the limits. People usually believe that once you jailbreak your iPhone there are many perks which you get as a result of breaking the boundaries. But the truth is that, nowadays developers have been coming up with new techniques to build productive apps for iOS in such a way that you don’t necessarily need to jailbreak your iOS device.

What is Mojo Installer?

Mojo is a new thing in jailbreak world. It is an app that allows iOS users to enjoy openness without jailbreak. The openness is something you can’t find in all Apple devices. Generally, Mojo Installer allows the installation of cracked apps on iPhone; iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak. It is not surprise if this is the first time you come across Mojo Installer because it is a new jailbreak-free application. So far, this app has installed on nearly 80,000 iOS devices and the download is still counting.

There are tons of new and old games, apps that are categorized in different sections and can be found using search bar as well. The app homepage is pretty neat and to the bottom of the page we can find app sections.

The first is Mojo which is our homepage section, second is Sources that can be used to add Mojo sources directly. Last section is Packages, where all apps and games packages are located. You can browser between all these sections with simple clicks and it works pretty easily which is really nice.

They also have a premium app which once bought will help you to avoid revokes and I guess in this you will also benefit all features of this app. It also features an account manager which does not need any registration but serves to keep all apps and games in list.

mojo installer

Features of Mojo installer for iOS 10/10.3/10.2.1/10.2 or iOS 10.0.1/10.0.2/10.1.1/10.1:

Below are few amazing features of Mojo installer which makes it wonderful

  1. The best thing is that there is no jail breaking involved.
  2. . The user interface is very smooth and friendly with Download mojo installer for iOS 8.1.2/8.3/8.4/6.1.3 or iOS 10.0.3/10.0.2/10.0.1.
  3. Anyone can manage the account; there is no requirement of coding languages.
  4. You can also do the searching with authors, titles or as per our choices in the Mojo installer for iOS.
  5. There is no requirement for Wifi for its functionality.
  6. You can track down the packages which you have downloaded using Mojo installer for iOS, it maintains history.
  7. Mojo facilitates translation options in 5 languages.
  8. You can customize as per your choice.


Mojo Installer Vs Cydia

Installing jailbreak apps on iPhone without jail breaking become super easy with Mojo Installer. We can say that the Mojo App is a better alternative to Cydia.

But the only different between both of them is “User Repositories“. Cydia will have an option to enter the custom repositories to add files and download them our iOS devices. Whereas, Mojo 5 is the latest app and this update has become a game changer by turning off the custom repositories. However, you can turn on the User Repositories any time as it is turned off by default. There are many apps that stand so strong as a competitor for Cydia.

Compatibility of Mojo installer for iOS:

Mojo installer supports a large number of versions iOS 8/8.1/, iOS 8.3/8.1.2 or iOS 8.4/9.4.1 or iOS 10/9/9.4.2/6.1.3, iOS 9.2.1/9.3.3, iOS 10/10.1/9.3.4, iOS 9.3.5/9.1. I have installed the above all the versions and they are working very well. But some are a just little bit of struck that’s it. But mojo installer is a very good app for the users who wanted to install a lot of the apps for free of cost. To know how to download and install, read the following steps.

People generally followed no jailbreak installation and app usage procedure in order to get the latest released apps on iOS for a long time. Yes, guys, this is usually happening and used by the people. So to get you also in the safe zone from the iOS account disable action. I think you might take from now.

How to use Mojo Installer for IOS iPhone and iPad devices?

Since you already know that Mojo installer is a perfect tool and app installer for IOS platform, but this app might be new to you. So, let us first discuss on how we can make use of this app installer to its fullest of features.

On the Mojo installer homepage we can find few of the top notch or popular apps that others have tried and used. Next as we want to download an app or game, then we have to click on Packages section where we can find all apps to download. There is also the quick search option which can be used to find packages, apps and all by name or keyword.

Most of the app installers have language problems which makes it difficult for foreign users to utilize the app perfectly. But Mojo installer is available in 5 different languages which can be helpful if you don’t know English language.

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How to Install Mojo Installer on iOS?

One of the biggest advantages of installing Mojo to your iOS device is the ability to install game emulators, screen recorders and many other apps without jailbreak. If you are keen on trying new things, do not hesitate to follow the tutorial here to download Mojo Installer.

  • Open Safari and go to You will see some introduction for the app and a single Install button in the middle of the page.
  • Tap “Install directly from your iDevice” button to begin.
  • Read the information and tap “Build Custom Profile” button to continue.
  • You will be redirected to a “Install Profile” page. Tap on the “Install” button located at the top right corner.
  • You are required to enter passcode if your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has a passcode activated. Tap on the Install button to continue.
  • Now you will be redirecting to a page with “Install Mojo” button. This page will show your device information and firmware, for example, iPhone 6 Plus 9.3.1. Tap “Install Mojo” button to continue the installation.
  • A message will pop-up. Select “Install” to confirm the installation. This will then bring you back to the Install Profile page. The profile will not be signed and will show in red.
  • Select Install, enter your device passcode to continue.
  • Select Next (located at the top right corner) to continue. Tap “Install” once again if a warning page appears.
  • Tap on Done. Go to the home screen and you should be able to see Mojo icon. Tap on it to search for your preferred apps, games, or anything from Mojo Market.


Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on Mojo Installer for iOS. Up to our knowledge we gave you all clear information about entire article. If you have any queries or if you face any problems while installing, please let us know. Kindly post them in below shown comment box. Thank You. Don’t forget to share this article.


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