Lucktastic Review || How to Make Money From Lucktastic?

Luckstatic review. Can we really make a money using an app? Dont have about that? Let us discuss whether it is a money making app or not? Explore different ways to earn rewards, and how to redeem them in Lucktatsic.  Read  an unbiased review on lucktastic App.

Hello US citizens! Since Lucktastic is available only for Americans, this article is exclusively for you. To all of the Lucktastic addictors(cheezzzz, no offense but admit it), read this article and some of your opinions on Lucktastic may change permanently for sure. Either it could result in positive effect or in the opposite. As the name reflects, earning rewards in Lucktastic is mostly depends on luck. I am keeping it real, “this app is for people who invest their time on a consistent basis and patiently waits for its long term returns, but not for people who wants to become a millionaire overnight”. You will get to know what exactly it means by the end of this article.

We are presenting this article keeping in mind both new users and existing users. So, we begin with a quick overall introduction of Lucktastic app. And we recommend existing users also to read the entire article to get the complete essence of it. Check out this article and decide if Can You Really Make Money From This App?

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Lucktastic : A Brief Introduction

App name Lucktastic

What can you earn Virtual Currency(Tokens) and Real Currency

What do you do for that Watch, Scratch, Install and more

Supporting OS Android and iOS

Available – Only for US Citizens


Playstore Reviews




There are basically 3 different ways that you can earn from Lucktastic namely SCRATCH CARDS, EARN MORE TOKENS & REFER FRIENDS. Your earnings can be Tokens or Real Money.


All you need to do is just scratch-off the given scratch card, and 3 out of 6 symbols have to be same to win the given prize (tokens/real money). For example, have a look at the below image.


Scratch Cards Explained:

  • Rewards for a particular scratch card will be shown at the top right corner, for the given scratch card, reward is 5000 Tokens
  • As you can see, 3 DIAMOND symbols have to match to win those 5000 Tokens. Since only two diamond symbols have matched (which is highly ideal), you will not be getting a single token from those 5000 tokens
  • But, you will be given a BONUS PLAY scratch card, by which you will win some tokens for sure.


That’s it. You will be shown a lot of different scratch cards to choose from as shown in the below image, you just need to pick one and scratch it off. If you are the luckiest person among millions, you will get the prize (very low probability).

NOTE : For every scratch card you choose from the above list, you will be asked to do a small task which is mandatory for scratching it off. Task can be playing a Game for 10-30 seconds, or installing an App, or watching an Ad which generally lasts for 10-30 seconds.

Have a look at this video to Understand Scratch Cards in Detail


You can find Earn More Tokens menu on the home screen. There you can earn more tokens by watching videos, installing apps, accepting offers, and taking surveys and more.


 Another way you can earn is by Referring Your Friends to play Lucktastic. Just below the Earn More Tokens menu, you can find FRIENDS menu from where you invite your friends to play the app and below picture explains all about referral system.

Those are the 3 major ways through which you can earn tokens/money from Lucktastic. Though, there are some other ways like ENTER CONTESTS from which you can earn big money, gift cards, holiday trips, home needs, electronic goods and more.



Let’s say you have consistently dedicated your time and earned few dollars or thousands of tokens, then how to redeem. There are generally two ways you can redeem your earnings. Find them below.


As you can see in the above image, you can redeem your earned money in different ways. You can get cash directly to your account through DWOLLA payment system, or you can request them to Mail a Check, or you can opt for Gift Cards equal to your amount.


As you can see in the above image, you can redeem Gift Cards in exchange of your Tokens. But you have to spend almost 5 digits of your tokens in order to get single/two digit gift cards. The value of tokens may vary arguably depending on the type card you want to redeem. For example,

  • in the above image, if you want to redeem an Amazon Gift Card worth $5, you need to give away 23,000 tokens of yours
  • but if you want to redeem a Gift Card worth $10, then you need to give away 15,000 tokens of yours. Got it!!!



As a matter of fact, almost everything in this world will have its PROS and CONS and Lucktastic is no other exception. If you have seen user reviews in the play store, it is rated at an average of 4.2/5 by 2,42,103 users. But around 20,000 users rated it 1/5. So, it isn’t a perfect app with all positives. Keeping this in mind I am going to review Lucktastic, both as a COMPLEMENTER and as a CRITIC with valid explanations.


I would love to begin as a supporter because majority of Lucktastic users are having positive opinion (by play store ratings at least).

  • Lucktastic is completely for FREE and you don’t have to pay a single buck for anything. All you need to do is watch some Ads and Videos, play some Games, and Install some Apps. That’s it.
  • If you think you are one of the luckiest persons, you can earn as small as $50 to as big as $1 M by playing Lucktastic (by joining contests)
  • If you play consistently on a daily basis, Lucktastic offers you with increasing number of tokens to earn (best way to accumulate your tokens to 5+ digits). As I explained above, you will need 1000’s of tokens to redeem a $5-$25 Gift Card. Even though the value of Gift Card is small, you are earning it just by spending small amounts of your free time, which is a great reward for optimistic people. Among 1000’s of comments I read about Lucktastic, I came across an interesting one, from which I learnt how Lucktastic helping people in fulfilling their needs indirectly being as a part of their daily life. The comment says,

“I have been playing Lucktastic for a year and I did all of my Christmas shopping by the Gift Card that I have earned in Lucktastic”

  • If luck sits on your head, then you can earn 100’s and 1000’s of dollars just by scratching-off a scratch card (if and only if you are lucky). You can see the award winners with their pictures on the official site of Lucktastic here – Lucky Winners of Lucktastic

Who ignores if they get paid just by sparing some of their free time? That’s why Lucktastic is gaining its momentum and has seen huge profits. As a result it has started giving big to its users too. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario for

  • Marketing companies that advertises on Lucktastic reaches to millions of people (WIN)
  • For advertising those Ads, Lucktastic is getting paid with huge numbers (WIN)
  • For doing small tasks by spending some of their time, Lucktastic users are getting paid (WIN)

Download for Android

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Download : Lucktastic for iOS


Now, it’s time to the criticize Lucktastic. No offence, but we can’t simply ignore the downsides too. Many users reviewed it as a time waster rather than a money maker. So, below points are a result of 100’s of reviews (mine including).

  • Lucktastic has nothing new, it’s the same boring scratch-off thing each and every day which is one of its cons
  • Earning 1st dollar is as simple as that, as a matter of fact majority of users haven’t seen a double digit in their Lucktastic account (many users doesn’t even earned the 2nd dollar though they have been playing for years)
  • You have to play this app daily in order to get increasing number of tokens on the next day. Otherwise it will be started from the beginning. Which I personally felt a huge robbery.

(For example, if you earn 100, 250, 400, 500 tokens in 4 consecutive days and if you miss to play the app on the 5th day, then on the 6th day you will only have the chance to earn 100 tokens rather than 500+ tokens. I don’t support this cunning rule)

  • You can see the Million Dollar Winner in the Lucktastic official website along with the other winners too. Why in the world they give that huge amount to a single person??? Why don’t they equally distribute what they want to give away to its users??? On one side there are more than 95% users having a single dollar in their account.



 Hey American’s! I don’t say that Lucktastic is a SCAM. But I say its reward distribution is not acceptable in the name of LUCK. We believe that we have given valid points both as a supporter and as a critic. We have researched to our best and we are open to correct any mistakes, so please don’t hesitate to write to us. And we would love to know your personal experience with Lucktastic.

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