Lock and Unlock your PC using USB device

want to lock and unlock your pc using USB.What will we do if we want to lock our PC? It’s not a big deal. Suppose you are working in an office, you have to protect your files from the third party. What will you do? This article gives you the perfect answer for this question. Everyone loves privacy. So they want to keep their files, documents, images, videos secure.

predator locks your computer when you are away, even if your windows session is still opened. It uses regular USB flash drive as an access control device. Our PC will not open by others unless if you unlock it by using pendrive. Download Predator from below link



  • When your completing your predator installation. You will see in desktop predator icon and open predator software. It shows dialog box(screen shot)

lock and unlock pc using usb

  • Insert your USB flash drive and click on ok. You have to select new password and select your USB flash drive for lock and unlock your pc.
  • When your completed your above step. You will find a yellow color bubble in taskbar.

lock and unlock your pc using USB 1


  • Right click on bubble go to preference. In that you can change your password and you can select another USB as key.

lock and unlock your pc using USB 2

  •  Set the preference has you want, you need set your alarm option in preference box when others are try to logged in.

Some anti virus detects this software, if you trust this software you can install the application and monitor your system.

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