Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10 (Free & paid)

Best iOS Emulators for Windows: Are you interested towards the iOS applications and want to run your favorite iPhone apps on your Windows PC? Then stay connect we are going to share best apple iOS emulators for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Many people on the internet searching for “how to run iOS apps on Windows “OR “Best iOS emulators for PC”. Apple store has large collection of iOS application and games, but not everyone can run the apps and games because they don’t have iPhone.

You might have run Android apps on your computer with android emulators for PC and Android still leads the race in people willing to get the Android experience in their PC and there are equal number users who want to use iPhone or iPad apps in their windows PC. There are not as much as iOS emulators for Latest Windows available in the market compares to the android emulator to run apple apps and play ios game on PC on Windows PC.

So, if you don’t have iOS device and wish to use iOS apps and games then good news for you that there are numbers of air phone ios emulators for windows available in the internet world. These emulators facilitate the iOS interface on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

What is iOS emulator?

It enables the Windows system to run any iPhone/ iPad apps and games in it. You can run them from your Windows computer or laptop and access them flawlessly as you run them on your Apple devices. With emulators and simulators, you can test run your apps while developing them and debug them.

Advantages of using an emulator
an emulator provides you several advantages that a developer needs.

  • Besides the several benefits of using an emulator, there are a number of advantages it bears.
  • Emulators are free to use and provided with the SDK with the release of every new operating system.
  • Easy installation; requires no high-tech processor systems.
  • Faster programming and simple to use.

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Best iOS Emulators for Windows

MobiOne Studio

MobileOne Studio is one of the best iOS emulators for windows that gives access to download free and runs iOS games and apps on your Windows computer. This is chiefly for developing cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. With MobiOne Studio you can build status notifications on Windows PC, you can share app and also configure your apps to run on iPhone and iPad. All the apps are built on HTML 5 which you can run anywhere and also they are compatible with multiple devices. You can customize the apps icons and also check the status of apps which you download on MobiOne Studio.


It is popular iPhone app emulator and iOS app tester for a developer that helps to develop cross-platform native iOS application. Smartface is fully featured mobility management platform. This emulator increases productivity, reduces the cost for the app, removes dependency and also provides strategic mobility solutions. Its enables you to develop unlimited apps and is free of cost. Smartface emulator is available in free and paid version. Paid version starts from $99.

iPhone Simulator

If you wish to run your favourite iPhone games and apps on your Windows PC then iPhone Simulator is the best choice for you. This is one of  best ios emulators for windows in this list which fill up your requirement. You can test apps which are on the first stage of development by using this iOS emulator. Also, you can track that app and major concerns related to it. iPhone Simulator has great features like graphics quality, you can test iPhone device features like clock, notepad calculator and iOS system preferences. This Simulator is free and compatible with Windows, Mac.

Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone is an alternate iOS emulator for Windows which replicates the iPhone’s Graphical User Interface. To run Air iPhone you’ll need the AIR framework for the application to the program. Although Air iPhone is not a fully functional application, you will find a difference in running apps in it and the real device. It completely reproduces the iPhone but developers might find trouble in testing their apps on it. Reviews do not state too many advantages about the app but still people who want to experience the iPhone can use it smoothly.


When we discuss best iOS emulators for Windows PC, the iPadian emulator is on top of the list hands down. This emulator has a great user-friendly interface with lots of advanced features and is highly customizable. With using this iPad looks you are able to access App Store and download favourite apps easily. If previously you have downloaded any apps from App Store, this awesome iOS emulator for windows will let you enjoy them on your Windows PC.

IPadian Emulator available in free and paid ($10) both version. Free version same as good as to download iOS games and iOS apps from App Store. It has beautiful GUI, clear indicators; app compatibility and multi choice of apps. Download from the App Store build it the most recommended free iOS emulators in the list.

APP.iO is another useful and best iOS emulator for PC (7/8/8.1/10). This straightforward app that’s easy to navigate. The user interface of this software provided easy so that you run apps easily, you just need to sync your the iOS .appi bundle OR Android .apk file on and run it. streams your mobile apps from your cloud storage device from Windows PC, Mac, Tablet, to Android. You don’t need to worry about download or setup. gives to let you feel the existence of an iOS device for free with its identical looking, menus, keyboard etc. By using this application with no download or any worry. People can quickly and safely share apps with your internal teams and also share with external. The apps set up on work perfectly so have fun to emulate iOS apps.

This emulator free for 7-day trial and also compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome.

Xamarin Testflight

Xamarin Testflight emulator is one of the best emulators for windows. Its free version is not so effective, while the paid version comes in a couple of bucks, but still, this emulator is worthy enough to be used for developers. This emulator comes in association with the Apple to simulate your Windows PC with iOS apps and test them effectively. One of the best and chief ways to beta test your iOS apps is Xamarin.iOS app that is available in use through connecting it to iTunes. When you go for its beta testing, it tests the external and internal features of your app in such a way that when you will publish it in the App store, the process will be much easy. An important point worth noting here is, emulator works only in Windows OS above 8 to test your developed apps. is an online iOS emulator to help run iOS apps and Android apps at the same time. So, you can consider this one as a two-in-one solution to all your app needs. The result is that there are a wide variety of apps available at the disposal of the user because of a single software. Also, it is a great tool for testing apps as a developer to test any app

iPad Simulator

iPad simulator works as a Google chrome extension which can be accessed on Google chrome on Cloud OS. This simulator allows the user to experience voice assistants like Siri without the need to purchase an actual iPad. What more is that you can create your own apps in seconds and launch and connect to your favorite web services in a matter of minutes. This is one of the ios emulators for windows.

Delta Emulator

It is an emulator for downloading, installing and playing very classic games like Super Mario Bros., Gameboy and other Nintendo games on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Super Mario Bros download is already explained in our website. As Apple is very strict regarding the installation of third-party applications, hence Riley Testut brought a third party app store that you can install on your Apple device and then you can install delta through it.



Since iOS Emulator is a gift to app developers, let’s see how it can benefit them :

  1. It is available free of cost, however its solely up to you to purchase the paid version.
  2. Easy to use and install.
  3. User-friendly interface.
  4. Can be optimized to run and test various apps and learn about their issues fore-fronted.
  5. Emulator act as a sub-OS to test your apps rather than directly testing it to your Windows Device.


While reading and getting the knowledge of pros of iOS Emulators, now let’s get aware of its disadvantages :

  1. Restricted only for low RAM consuming apps and games.


Here, technologymess has came to a conclusion on what are the best 5 iOS emulators for windows? Upto my knowledge i had given you a clear information on iOS emulators for PC. I think you will like this article. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Kindly i request you to share this article with your friends on social media sites. Thank U. Meet you with another good article.

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