Install Flash Player on Android in Different Browsers

Install Flash Player for Android. Want to know How? Here is a simple way to Install Flash Player for android. Before going into our methods let us have some basic knowledge about flash player. At the time of launching Android 4.1 Jellybean in the 2012 year, flash is no longer available on Play store. Also, it has been dropped from the mobile platform. Nowadays there are so many peoples still want to get the software platform back for their device. Fortunately, Adobe has thought about this, and they allow users to download its flash player directly from their official website. Since flash is no longer supported for Android smartphones, you will not be able to find any security update; officially supports for this. Also, you might find stability issue while downloading & using flash on your phone.

Here in this guide, we will discuss on how you can easily install flash player on your Android smartphone and make use of it. Install Flash Player on Android.

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How to Download and Install Flash Player on Android

Step 1: First of all, you have to download Adobe Flash Player on your Android smartphone or Tablet. To download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player follows these simple steps:

  1. Open Chrome Browser on your Android smartphone
  2. Now you have to search “Flash Player Archive Page” on Google
  3. Scroll down and find “Flash Player for Android”. Here you can find the latest apk download link of Flash player for Android 4.0 operating system. This Flash player version is designed for Android 4.0 operating system;
  4. Now tap on “Flash Player for android” link to download Flash Player on your Android Smartphone or tablet.
  5. Or you can also download directly flash player android apk from here. Before Installing Flash Player, you have to enable Unknown Sources in your phone.
  6. Go to Phone Setting >> Security >>  Unknown Sources >> Enable using Slider button
  7. Now Open ES File Explorer in your Android smartphone after downloading Adobe Flash Player.
  8. In the ES File Manager, Choose” Internal Storage.”
  9. Navigate to “Download” Folder. Tap on “App” file to install
  10. Now you have to click on “Install” Button
  11. You will get the notification after completing process

Now, Adobe Flash Player has been installed on your Smartphone.

Download File Manager- ES File Explorer to Install Flash Player

If you are using Motorola, HTC, or Nexus Devices, so you need to download any file manager on your phone. We are using ES File Explorer in this process however you can use any of your file managers.

  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Now Type and Search “ES File Explorer” in search bar
  3. Tap on “Install” button to start process
  4. You will get the notification once the process complete
  5. It will download automatically on your phone after downloading if you are using Android v5.0 or later.

If you are the using Android Jelly Bean operating system or lower, so you have to install manually. For Android Jelly Bean v4.0 operating system users:

  1. After downloading, you will get the notification in Notification Bar
  2. You have to click on Download Complete Notification
  3. Then click on Install button to complete process
  4. You will get the complete message once the process complete

Download Dolphin Browser to Install Flash Player

Why download Dolphin browser?

Chrome Browser does not support Flash player in Android Smartphone or Tablet. But Dolphin Browser supports Flash Player feature on Android devices. So Download Dolphin Browser in your Android Smartphone or Tablet. If you have already downloaded so skip this step.

  • Open Google Play Store in Your Android Smartphone
  • Now You have to type Dolphin Browser in search bar
  • Install Dolphin Browser as other apps from Google Play Store

The Mozilla Firefox also comes with Flash Player feature. If you are using Firefox Browser, you can also open all sites that require Flash player. Only you have to configure your Firefox Browser after Downloading or Installing Dolphin Browser.

How to Configure Dolphin Browser or Mozilla Firefox Browser

For Dolphin Browser follow the steps to configure it.

Open Dolphin Browser on your Android Device.

  1. Tap on Dolphin icon on the bottom of the screen
  2. Now click on Setting icon to open Dolphin Browser settings
  3. In the General Setting section, enable Dolphin Jetpack feature
  4. Now find the Web Content section then tap on Flash Player option
  5. Select Always On option

For Mozilla Firefox Browser

Open Mozilla Firefox Browser on your Android device

  1. Click on Adobe Flash Player Icon (Installed Application)
  2. Now you have to choose Mozilla Firefox then click on Just Once
  3. It will open automatically in Mozilla Firefox Browser
  4. Here you have to click on button that says Tap here to activate plugin
  5. Choose Local Storage option, then select Always
  6. Now click on Three Dotted menu Button on the top right side of screen
  7. In the Setting menu, choose Advanced option
  8. Scroll down and tap on Plugins option
  9. Now choose Enabled option


Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on Install Flash Player on Android. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about all the entire article. Hope you like this article. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Please help us by sharing this article in social media sites.

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