Simple Tips To Boost Up Your PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Without Software

Tips to Boost PC. Is your pc performance is very low. Every PC has a hangout problem. After using so many years a PC should slow down automatically and files will open slowly and also it will struck some times and need to restart. For this reasons users mainly select to buy new RAM or PC. It’s not a problem; you don’t need to buy new RAM/PC. Are You facing the same problem with your PC? Want to know how to speed up your PC? Yes, this article helps you and suggest you the best alternative way to speed up your PC.

 Simple Tips to Boost PC

1.Remove unnecessary start up object

During the usage of PC, we will install some software’s. After Opening the PC it will automatically open on desktop. We have to remove those startup objects by using msconfig or Autoruns from sys internals to remove start up objects which are not required every time.

Goto -> Run -> msconfig -> System Configuration -> StartupSpeed up your pc/windowsspeed up your pc/windowsSPEED up your pc/windows

2 .Optimize and Defragment hard disk

Our hard disk data wont saved in sequentially. So need to optimize and defragment it to decrease the seek time of your hard disk.

Go to: My computer->Select drive->Right click->properties->Tools

SPEED up your pc/windows

Select your drive and Choose  now optimize



3.Scanning hard disk for errors

Recover bad sectors and fixes file system errors.

Go to: My computer->select drive->Right click->properties->tools->Error checking

SPEED up your pc/windows


4.Use Disk clean-up

Go to: My computer-> Select drive-> Right click->properties-> general

SPEED up your pc/windows


5.Scan for viruses and Trojans regularly

This is the major problem of PC. Virus and Trojans slowdowns the system. You need to scan the PC daily and remove the virus and should keep the system clean. Update your antivirus and scan for viruses, Trojans regularly

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6.Uninstall unnecessary software’s which you don’t use anymore

We need to uninstall the software’s which we don’t use regularly. This helps you to speed up your PC.

Goto: control panel-> Programs & Features

speed up your pc/windows


7.Check for registry errors.

Download Registry error checking tools like tune-up utilities and scan for registry errors.

8.Remove unnecessary running process and services from running

Some files in PC will open and runs in background. We can stop the running processes using Task manager. It helps you to end the background processes.



9.Adjust visual effects

GOTO: Right click on my computer->properties->advanced system setting->Advanced->setting tab under performance->select best performance or appearance as per your requirement.


10.Remove temp files

(i)Go to: – Windows button + R, Type %temp% in dialogue box and click on enter. A temp folder will be open; it is treated as a trash folder. All the files are unwanted files. You can delete them permanently.

(ii)Go to: – Windows Button+R, Type prefetch in dialogue box and click on enter. Prefetch folder will be open and these files are also treated as trash files. You can delete them permanently.


Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on Tips to Boost PC. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about the entire topic on What are the Tips to Boost PC. I think that all of you are familiar with this article now. Kindly post below if you have any queries or best alternate ways. Hence, we request you to share this article in social media sites. Thank You.

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