How to install Kodi on Roku 1/2/3/4 (Jailbreak Roku)

Looking for how to install Kodi on Roku? Kodi on Roku is always a trending search! Before I begin, you have to know that you cannot install Kodi on Roku, but you change the settings, you can use Kodi on Roku streaming stick. Some people are using the jail breaking tricks to get kodi on Roku. Roku is one of the media streaming set-top boxes. With the help of Roku, you can stream your favourite Movies, Music, Videos, TV shows, TV serials, etc. on your TV. You can also connect the Roku device to the internet via wired or Wi-Fi connection. But the internet connection should be the high speed one to cope up with Roku; Since Roku downloads the files in full HD. Even 4K streaming is also supported by the Roku.

In the simplest language explained, Roku is just a set-top box that helps in streaming videos and playing music on your TV. Further, Kodi is an open source and free media player. This software application helps the user by allowing him or her to play and view many streaming media like music, videos, and podcasts from the internet. Today, we will be explaining you with the ways where you will be able to use Kodi application software on Roku. The reason why are we unleashing this useful information on “How to Install Kodi on Roku?” is that we came across many instances where people weren’t able to get Kodi on Roku. Therefore, we thought of putting this piece of info in the form of an article

Why is it Difficult to install Kodi on Roku?

Now that we have made you aware of the use of both, roku and kodi, therefore, it’s the point where we should inform you about the installation of kodi on roku. This is not as simple as it looks. The reason is that Kodi isn’t compatible with Roku. This means that there is no official way to use kodi for roku. Now, to make sure that the same gets installed we have compiled the whole information into an informative article.

The big question, how to install kodi on roku? has been satisfactorily answered here. As mentioned earlier that the installation can’t be done officially but there are other ways with which you can do it. Moreover, with different ways, you can have many other movie applications on Roku do that you can watch free movies and also get to install exodus on Roku stick.

Guide to Install Kodi on Roku? (Jail Break Roku)

Yes, it is true that Kodi is not available on Roku officially. However, this does not mean that you cannot get Kodi on Roku at all. Thankfully, the different technologies are so intertwined that we are always able to find some workaround for almost everything. Of course, since we are circumventing so it is not as straightforward; nonetheless, it is pretty easy.

Whether you want Kodi on Roku 4 or for that matter any other Roku streaming device, you will need to use the mirror feature. For that, you must also have an Android phone or a Windows PC. While you cannot install Kodi on Roku streaming stick, you can still play it if you have Android or PC.

To use Kodi on Roku, you will first need to turn your Roku device on and follow these steps:

  •  Press or tap the home button on the device
  • Go to System Update in the Settings menu to check if you have the latest build (you need at least 5.2 software build for this purpose)
  • Come back to the home screen again and go to Settings again. From there, choose Screen Mirroring
  • Choose Enable Screen Monitoring and press the OK button.

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Mirroring Windows PC to Roku:

 You will need Windows 8.1 or higher in order to mirror the screen to Roku. Here are the steps

  • Press the Windows button or click on Start to open the Start Menu
  • Go to Device Settings or you can search with for it in the search box
  • On the next, the screen that appears, choose ‘Add Device’
  • You can see your Roku device in the list; select it
  • The screen of your Roku device will turn purple.

Your Windows PC is now getting mirrored to the Roku. Since Kodi is compatible with the Windows OS. You can run Kodi on your computer and it will be displayed on your Roku device as well.

How to put Kodi on Roku Stick without PC/Computer (Mirroring Android to Roku):

Before you get started, you need to ensure that you have the 4.4.2 or later version of Android running on your smartphone. One can check the version of the firmware by going to about section in the Settings menu.

You also need to make sure that in order to use Kodi on Roku, your Roku device and Android smartphone or tablet are both connected to the same network. You can easily check which network the Roku device is connected to:

Guide to Install Kodi App on Roku

There are many Roku device users who are thinking how kodi can be installed on Roku. They are even eagerly interested installing kodi on Roku.

Even users who are using Roku 2/3/4 they are thinking to add on kodi. Whether you are looking for a process to line up the kodi on Roku 2. Or you are finding the way to set up kodi on Roku tv, you need to use some specific ways.

Let us have a look at the process that you can get successful installing kodi on Roku 2/3/4 streaming device.

  • First, you need to use a mirror device to install your kodi on Roku stick as the installation is impossible without any mirror device.
  • You have to apply the simple trick to install the kodi content on your Roku device.
  • You can use a Windows PC or Android Smartphone to establish kodi on Roku 3.
  • Then you need to press the home button of your Roku device.
  • Then go to the setting option, and you need to select the system update mode to make sure that your device has software which is built in 5.2 to run kodi.
  • Next, you should go backward to setting option, and you need to select the option Screen Mirroring.
  • Finally, you need to enable the Screen Mirroring option clicking on the button, and then you need to press the OK button to run on kodi for Roku 3.

So, this is how you can start mirroring the screen of your Android device onto the Roku device. Even when it is not possible to Install Kodi on Roku stick or any other Roku device, you can enjoy it on Roku. This is because Kodi can be played on Android device.

Why Should You Choose Kodi on Roku?

Kodi can give you happy streaming. One of the most important things that you need to know about kodi and Roku is watching and listening videos or audios.

The watching and or listening illegal or pirated content that would otherwise need to be paid. For is or are not endorsed by the team Kodi, so before you use this type of content. you should abide by the rules of the kodi as well as Roku.

Your Roku account can make you sign up for completely free trails, the subscribing or renting or if you want to purchase fast, comfortable, and convenient then this Kodi and Roku can be your best box and application that you never miss. Kodi permits you to install different types of third party plugin that may give you instance access to the content.


Here we came to a conclusion on kodi on roku, install kodi on roku. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about entire article. If you have any queries or problems faced regarding the installation kindly post them in comment box. Thank You.

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