How to recover deleted files in PC – USB, Windows 7/8/10

Recover the deleted files from your PC. Eager to know how? Let us start with a brief discussion about Recovering deleted files.

Every PC has a Hard disk which contains the memory of 100 GB, 500 GB 1TB, etc. If your hard disk will be full of some files which are important and you need to add some more files to your PC . What will you do? You will delete some files permanently in your pc or else you will delete the files and cleans the recycle bin. Ongoing this process by mistake you have deleted the important files and cleans the recycle bin. It’s not a big deal.Don’t worry about that. You can get the file again to your PC. Don’t bother what the file format was? The main thing you have to do before getting sadness is once check your PC that you have copied the file in somewhere or else check the mail in case you send the file to someone and finally check your USB drives. There are so many tools available for recovering the files from your PC. Not only for PC drives you can also recover the deleted files from your USB device. You can recover the deleted files by the drives in your PC. It has a capability to show the files in their formats separately. It doesn’t take much time to recover. Follow the simple steps to recover the files. Recuva is free software and best for recovering deleted files and also available in premium.

Steps to recover deleted files



1.Download the Recuva application and Install the application.


2. Open the application and select the file type which you want to recover. If you want to recover all the file types then select all the file formats.

1how to recover deleted files in pc

3. Select the file location which it was saved before deleted. If you are not sure about the file location then select the recovery process for all drives in your PC.

how to recover deleted files in pc

4. Select the option enables deep scan and click on start button. It’s because of for better results and it checks your PC very deep and locates the files where it will be.

how to recover deleted files in pc

5. Scanning process starts.

how to recover deleted files in pc

6. Shows all the files which were deleted. Check the color identification, green color indicates good health, orange indicates poor quality and finally red color indicates that file is corrupted it means we can’t get that file any more.

how to recover deleted files in pc

7. Select your file and select your path where you want to recover the file. It successfully recovered green color files.

If any user using data wiping tools for delete files. This tools will remove your files from hard disk completely. There is no chance for recover that files

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