Have you ever felt the urge to access one or two of your frequented websites or some online guide(s) you often refer to, while you were unplugged from the internet; or maybe when you were on the go with a slow internet connection? Don’t worry it’s not a big deal. You can download the entire website and see it in offline. You don’t need an internet connection to view this website. By this discussion everybody understands up to this our today’s tutorial is mainly about offline browsing without internet. To avail this feature you have to download the software called HTTrack. By using HTTrack you can save the entire website to pc. Follow the simple steps given below. You might not have to worry about it anymore, once you have HTTrack to handle an otherwise tedious job neatly for you.

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What is HTTrack?

HTTrack Website Copier is a software utility that would help you to access websites from your computer even when you are offline. It can save and download entire website (or a part of) from the internet to a local directory in your computer.

How to Use HTTrack for download entire website

  1. Download HTTrack Website Copier.
  2. Open the file to start the installation process. The process is quite neat and simple. You may leave all settings as it is and accept the terms and conditions, and keep clicking ‘Next’ until the installation finishes.
  3. In the last step, untick ‘View history.txt file’, and then click on ‘Finish’ to automatically launch the program.
  4. Once HTTrack opens up, click ‘Next’ to get started with what we really want to do.
  5. In the next screen, type in some name for your project and the category you would like to add it to (for the sake of management). Additionally, you may also change the location (Base path) to which the website documents would be downloaded.
  6. The next window allows you to choose what you want to do. You may start fresh with the default action to ‘Download website(s)’ .Click on Add URL and enter the base URL of the (entire, or part of) website you would like to download entire website. If some website requires you to login to access certain pages, you may also enter your ‘Login’ and ‘Password’ in the given fields. You may also type in links directly if you prefer that way.
  7. Advanced users may use ‘Set options’ to manually change ‘Preferences and mirror options’. Most users don’t need to change anything there. But, if you have trouble downloading or accessing websites, you may come back to this step, and go to ‘Set options’ -> ‘Browser ID’ and try selecting some other ‘Browser Identity’ such as “Mozilla/5.0.
  8. Select ‘Next’ and then click on ‘Finish’ on the next screen. Wait till the download finishes.
  9. When the download finishes, you may view the downloaded website by clicking on ‘Browse Mirrored Website’; which would then open up the website in your default web browser.
  10. You can now browse the downloaded website anytime without the need of an internet connection. All you need is just a web browser.

Follow the above simple steps and know how to browse offline.

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