How to Disconnect Someone Who Connected To Our Wi-Fi ?

Disconnect Someone Who Connected to Our Wi-Fi. Now a day’s people are using wifi router for internet connection. It is very simple process. Router should be kept in a place and there will be a secure password to the user who wants to connect to it. If necessary other people also connect to the router by revealing the secure password with the permission of main user. If main user accepts to say the password it is not a very big problem. I think everyone will share their master password to family members and friends and many more. What will you do if some unknown person will connect to your wifi. How it could be happened?

If someone knows your password and using internet without your permission. What will you do? Want to know how to disconnect someone from your wifi connection.This article will help the people who are facing the same problem as I mentioned above. You can disconnect the user, who was connecting to the router without your permission by software. It’s also applicable for public wifi systems also. If suppose there is a public wifi in your college and all your friends are connecting to the wifi? You want to disconnect the wifi of your friend? What will you do? Using a software name”NET CUTTER” you can play with your friend by disconnecting the wifi, without knowing him.CUT off someone for test or for fun or for bandwidth.

Simple Steps to block internet of wifi Users

  • You need to download Net cutter and install it. Download netcutter from below link


  • Open the installed file(net cut). In net cut, wifi users are listed out (see below image).

how to disconnect someone from your wifi


  • Select wifi User whom you want to disconnect by clicking on Cut off. kick people off your wifi.

how to disconnect someone from your wifi

In net cut, main advantage is user will be disconnected from the connection without knowing him and it seems to be connected. Further he wont access.





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