How to create bootable pendrive/USB

You know how you can install an OS easily by using a bootable DVD or USB. Now in this tutorial, we will discuss how to create a bootable USB pendrive to install an OS from your pendrive. Installing from a pendrive increases the overall speed of the process and also it is more convenient to store data on pendrives rather than CDs. In this tutorial I will explain the step by step procedure of making a bootable pendrive with Windows installation disk. A few years ago, creating a bootable USB drive used to be a somewhat daunting exercise for many people as it meant using the command prompt to access Disk Part which is a great little command-line utility.  Luckily for us, there are now far simpler ways of achieving this.

Steps to create bootable USB

Method 1: Using CMD

1.First of all take your 8gb pendrive, with no data contain in pendrive. your command prompt, follow simple commands to create bootable USB.

3.In your command prompt, type DISKPART

create bootable pendrive/USB


Automatically It opens another command prompt.

create bootable pendrive USB

4.Now type LIST DISK

create bootable pendrive USB

You can see all disk drives available in you PC

5.Select your USB drive by Using this command SELECT DISK disk_number

           Ex: SELECT DISK 1

Careful when you are selecting disk. If unfortunately select wrong disk its erase all of your data.

6.Follow these commands simply

  •             CLEAN
  •             SELECT PARTITION 1
  •             ACTIVE
  •             FORMAT FS=NTFS QUICK

                      Wait until 100% completing the USB formatting

  •             ASSIGN        
  •             EXIT

7.Now copy of any OS(UBUNTU,FEDORA,KALI LINUX,WINDOWS) files into your drive.

8.Now pendrive is ready for boot, Restart your PC.

If you have any problem regarding this, Just follow another method for boot your USB.

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Method 2:Using tool to create bootable USB.

Here I am using Unet boot tool for making bootable drive

  • First of all Download Unet boot tool.
  • Now open Unet boot tool and Browse your Diskimage(iso) and upload.

making bootable USB using tool

  • Then Select your drive, click on OK.

create bootable pendrive USB

  • Don’t interrupt the process Until finish.

If you have any problem regarding this article mention your problem in comment section.


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