Hello, our today’s article is How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers? As u all know what is Wi-Fi? How does it Works? Up to this basic topic everyone knows. Some people may not know. For this reason I was telling you a little bit about Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless LAN. It is usually protected by a username and password. It allows only device within its range to access the resources of LAN. Therefore Wi-Fi will connect only up to some distances.

Before this wireless LAN, there is a wired LAN. Using other third party apps or software’s we have to connect to the network. It’s not a big problem. Although there is alternative method. By this Wi-Fi connection you can connect to network connection in android devices and also pc/ laptop (Which have a Wi-Fi option). As I said above your wifi connection has a specific username and password. You have to keep a password for your security purpose. As I was saying from my before articles, technology is fully developing. Alternate for wifi hacking method has come across.

By today’s technology wifi crackers are available. Therefore It means we can connect to a wifi network without knowing the password. This should be done only when they knows the username. Because of all  these problems I have come today with you about the topic How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers.

How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers?

Its very easy to hide wifi connection. Be safe from the hackers. After reading this article you will know How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers? This method is only applicable for router users only. You can simply hide your username. Eager to know How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers. Its very simple. Therefore Only router users can do this. Here, I will tell you the step wise procedure for How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers?

Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers

  • Open browser and connect
  • Log on with user name and password.
  • Switch on to wireless settings. Scroll Down.
  • You will find a tick mark for Enable SSID Broadcast.
  • Remove tick mark and save the settings.
  • You will receive a notification down. Click on Click here for reboot.
  • Completed Successfully.


How To find connected wi-fi passwords

Download WIFI kill App for android

How to disconnect others wifi from your wifi

After following the steps for How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers you will disconnected from the network connection. Don’t worry it’s just a conclusion to know this method is properly worked. Up to now you have completed How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers. Therefore After completing this method you will appear a new network connection named Hidden Network. Don’t worry nothing is happened you can connect to the hidden network. Here I will tell you the simple process for this.

How to Connect Hidden Network?

In the network connections you will appear a hidden network. Just click on it and connect to the network. It will asks you enter SSID of wifi network. SSID is nothing more the username given to you. Enter the SSID. Click on Next and it will ask to enter the password. Enter your network password. That’s it. You can only share with your neighbours.


Here, as a result technologymess has come to a conclusion on How to Hide WiFi Connection from Hackers. I hope all you understand Hide WiFi connection from Hackers. Hence I request you to kindly help us by sharing this article in social media. If you have any problems regarding this article you can post it in our comment box. Thank You.


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