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GIF Keyboards for android and iOS. Explore the best GIF Keyboards with their unique features for Android and iOS in this article.

We all know that each and every smart phone has an inbuilt keyboard. Also read a new one How to Download Google Playstore for pc/windows. We used to use that keyboard to text SMS, write emails etc. But the development of third party keyboards completely changed the way of writing. It’s a fact that many startups have been evolved cashing out this opportunity. Keyboards with “tons of emoji’s, 100’s of stunning themes, next generation writing technologies (swipe-type/glide-type, Voice type), highly customizable layouts, huge list of language support,” and more astonishing features promoted the way of communication to an entirely new level. These keyboards are designed to help users type more quickly and share what they are thinking.

Communicating with “favorite emoji’s, sending funny GIFs to your friends, word prediction and auto correction” saves a lot of time like never before and communicates effectively. A lot of keyboards were introduced and a lot of new keyboards are on their way to make their global presence. So, we are here to introduce you to the Best GIF Keyboards for Android and iOS. The GIF Keyboards in this article are selected based on their unique and different features. Explore this informative article and find the best Keyboard companion to you smart phone.

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 3 Best GIF Keyboards that work for both Android and iOS

 Below are some of the most popular GIF keyboards that work perfectly for both android and iOS.

Fleksy GIF Keyboard

Undoubtedly, Fleksy is an on demand GIF Keyboard because of its most attracting features. It has the reputation of “fastest keyboard in the world”. It has all other common features which every GIF keyboard facilitates too. Below are the key and notable features of Fleksy.


  • Flesky’s powerful custom extensions allows you to customize your keyboard with powerful features. Extensions like “GIFs, Android Launcher, Editor, Number Row, Keyboard Shortcuts, Invisible Keyboard, and Rainbow Key Pops” will introduce you to a new world of GIF Keyboard experience
  • 40+ colorful themes let you customize your keyboard as per your taste and mood. Frozen and The Hunger Games are to mention a few
  • Supports over 42 languages
  • More importantly, it doesn’t collect any personal data without the users’ explicit permission
  • iOS version of this app has 35 stunning themes for FREE and more purchasable themes in its reserve
  • Above all, if you allow Fleksy to access permission to your various social media accounts, then it will gather your information and stores it safely in a constantly updated database. It collects the information like “words you use, the way of your sentence construction, the way of your tone and more”, to predict what you are going to write and stuns you with its language predicting algorithms

gif keyboard

Latest update of Fleksy comprises of, removed unnecessary libraries and background activities to make it work even faster than ever, and made all of the Fleksy themes accessible for FREE.

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Download Fleksy Keyboard for iOS

SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is another most popular GIF keyboard which has millions of user under its roof. You will find 4.5/5 average rating by monstrous 23,35,849 users on Play store which explains its popularity. Such big amount of users means à more number of unique features. Find them below.


  • Like Fleksy, SwiftKey adapts to you using its Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, the way you type the words for auto correction and language prediction
  • Supports over 150+ languages
  • Has 80+ colors, designs and themes
  • You can tap-type or swipe-type according to your mood
  • Notably, SwiftKey Keyboard requests access to your SMS messages in order to improve word predictions based on what you have typed before

Please note that some of this keyboard features are only supported by certain version of Android.  It is advisable to have latest versions of the android to experience the best of SwiftKey.

gif keyboard

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Download Swiftkey Keyboard for iOS

Minuum Keyboard

Though Minuum is not as popular as the above two keyboards, it has its own unique features that made it to be in this list of best GIF keyboards.


  • Offers better word prediction, strong autocorrect options and more
  • One of the best keyboards for typing with single hand (in the case of larger mobile phones)
  • As you keep using this app, it learns how you type, what you type and predictions get better day after the day
  • It is worth to mention that, it begins to predict what kind of emoji you want based on what you are typing
  • Most noteworthy, Minuum lets you enter text via Google voice which helps you in your multitasking

Android version of Minuum is priced at around $3 and its iOS app is priced at $4. But you can try the 30 days FREE trial to experience the features of Minuum and decide if it is worth spending the money.

gif keyboard

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Download Minuum Keyboard for iOS

3 More Best GIF Keyboards for Android

Along with the above 3 keyboards, we would love to present you with the popular & best GIF Keyboards for Android. Find them below with their features.

AI.Type Keyboard

With millions of users worldwide, ai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard. As the name itself explains its artificial intelligence algorithm lets you type better and faster by learning your writing style.


  • It’s Theme Market, which comprises of thousands of attractive themes to choose from.
  • Best part is you can show your designing skills here. AI.Type lets you to design themes on your own and share them with your friends/upload it into the theme market where millions of users can rate/download it.
  • Supports over 50+ languages including Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, and Kannada
  • Based on the context and the words you use, it auto suggests the right emoji for you
  • Based on what you write and how you write, AI.Type auto-corrects and predicts the next words
  • Swipe-type to key to key to write faster

Please note that, AI.Type asks permission to access your contact list and SMS content for better prediction for what you write. And new update of AI.Type works better for iOS too.

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Gboard – Google Keyboard

It’s a known fact that Google’s app will be there in each and every field. And Gboard is the Google’s Keyboard and it is one of the most popular among this category. It has an average rating of 4.2/5 by 13,84,162 users in the Play Store which explains all about a good keyboards popularity. Have a look below on its features.


  • It supports over 120+ languages
  • Glide-type/Swipe-type allows you to type faster, Voice-type allows you to write even faster than ever
  • More importantly, inbuilt Google Search allows you to search and share anything from the app itself (you can search and share sports scores, news articles, nearby stores and restaurants, weather forecasts etc)
  • New update has a feature “Draw your Favorite Emoji”. Generally every keyboard will have not less than 1000 emojis in their bank. It is waste of time to search for your favorite emoji every time. But, this feature lets you to draw an emoji and finds the related emoji in no time
  • As any other best keyboards, Gboard learns as you type to predict and auto correct what you write in future

Gboard has more customizable features like Synchronizing your learned words, Gesture controls, Symbols hints, One handed mode, Fast capitalization, and many more. It is advisable to have latest android OS on your device to receive latest updates.

gif keyboards

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Redraw Keyboard

Redraw keyboard has drawn keyboard lovers attention at present. It has got some unique features for its rising popularity. It’s worth adding this keyboard into our list. It is rated at an average 4.6/5 by 1,53,856 users. 4.6 means it has got something to mention right? Have a look at its features.


  • It has got hundreds of themes and tons of emoji’s to choose from
  • You can add your own picture from your picture gallery as a background wallpaper to make it more personal
  • If you love to experiment, this app is for you. It has more functionalities than any other keyboard to customize it as you like
  • Its navigation arrows allows you to easily go back and forth in your texts
  • If you want to write any formal text (ex: business mail to your boss), then simply turn on automated space after comma to save your time and to write faster.

gik keyboards

It is advisable to use Redraw’s free app to feel its experience first before going to purchase it (you need to purchase it for full services). As per the user requests, recently they have added Urdu (Pakistani & Indian), Turkmen which explains that they do care about what users says.

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More Best GIF Keyboards for iOS

There are some of the best GIF Keyboards for iOS like Fleksy, SwiftKey, and Minuum as I mentioned above in the list. We would love to share 2 more popular keyboards to iOS users. Below mentioned keyboards are selected based on their unique qualities/features that they have. Have a quick look.

GiF Keyboard – by Riffsy

GiF Keyboard is yet one of the best Keyboards for iOS. This keyboard is exclusively famous for its huge database of GIFs. Riffsy has an app named “Riffsy Creator” by which users creates GIFs. Riffsy has millions of such GIFs created by its users. Tell me if there is any other tool better than GIFs to express what you think.


  • As I said above, you can search, discover and share vast varieties of GIFs directly from this keyboard
  • Categories like “LOL, Happy, Sad, Excited etc” allows you to quickly find your desired GIF
  • Not only accessing the GIFs from Riffsy, you can also create your own GIF and upload it
  • Most importantly, by enabling the Riffsy GiF Keyboard on Safari, you can grab animated GIFs from BuzzFeed, Reddit, and wherever you can find them

gif keyboard

As I said above, this GiF Keyboard is all about GIFs. So, all of its features are also associated with them. Give it a try to make your communication more humane.

Download for iOS

PopKey Keyboard

PopKey Keyboard is another best GIF Keyboard for iOS. As Riffsy GiF Keyboard, PopKey also exclusively dedicated to GIFs. But it has some special features to mention. Catch them below.


  • Like any other popular third party iOS keyboards, PopKey also have different themed sections. The only difference is emoji’s are replaced with animated GIFs (amazing right?)
  • Category sections like “LOL, swag, shocked, happy, excited, hate” allows you to quickly select your favorite GIF
  • You can upload your own GIFs to the PopKey platform
  • Most noteworthy, the app will be updated based on trending topics in real-time

gif keyboard

Using PopKey Keyboard you will never feel old, because they constantly update the platform on hourly basis so that users can have fresh GIFs anytime. You can check its magic by testing FREE version then go for its premium upgrade to access PopKeys full service.

Download for iOS


The above list of best keyboard apps for android and iOS are very selective based on their unique features. Each one has some unique features from one another. Here We admit that there are some other best keyboards that are not in this article. We would love to know your Favorite Keyboard and the reason for it so that a special keyboard will be introduced to the larger audience.

We hope you got your best keyboard from this list. Please do not hesitate to comment any queries in the below comments section. Do share this informative article in different social media and help us contribute to the larger audience. Do not forget to subscribe to our blog to get latest articles right into your inbox.

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