Best Apps to Make Free International Calls in Android

Best apps to make Free International Calls. If you own an Android device then you can do a lot of things with it no matter where you are or what time is it. When you are away from your home, your family and friends then you would like to talk to them whenever you get time and why should you pay for calls when you have an Android device with you. There are many best apps to make free international calls for Android that you can use to talk for as long as you want with your loved ones without worrying of the huge phone bills.

There are many free apps in the Google Play Store that allow you to make free voice calls to your contacts no matter where you are or where they are. The only requirement is that you should have a proper Internet connection or you should be connected to Wi-Fi to make free international calls. Otherwise, the charges may apply for the data that is being used to make calls. If you look around in the Google Play Store, you will find several apps that allow you to make free international voice calls but not all of them are reliable and works every time. So we decided of making a list of the best and free international voice calling apps so that you don’t have to waste time searching for the perfect one for your Android device.

Free International Calls on Android

Friends, If you have Android device either android phone or Tablet, Then where you live in any corner of the world, can stay in connect with your family, relatives and friends. It is possible from free international calls on Apps, which lets you free national or international calls from anywhere in the world.

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Many people who are living abroad or whose relatives or friends living abroad such as Canada, Arab, Dubai, USA, UK. Call them is very problematic because it is very expensive. After invention of android phones Call, Messaging, video call is quite easy.

So, in this article we will discuss some best android apps that makes free international calls or in very cheap rate. These all apps are capable to do free messages and calling. These all apps are good for android devices. So if you are using Android you should download any of the app. So let’s see our best free international calls using apps.

List of Apps to Make Free International Calls

WhatsApp Messenger

Whatsapp is the number one app in term of free messaging. It is the app which changed the way of text communication. Now people don’t say to SMS me they just say WhatsApp me. Same way it is changing the world to utilize their internet and do free internet calling. It is the best app to make free international calls on android. If both parties have the WhatsApp they can do unlimited calling for free and it’s not the end you can share video, image, documents, voice messages and etc. you just need android 2.1 version for android.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the most popular social networking website and Facebook messenger is an app to communicate with your Facebook friends. So if both friends have Facebook messenger they can do free voice call on the phone.  You don’t have to pay any money neither your friend you both need internet and Facebook messenger in your mobile, that’s it. It’s the 2nd Best Android Calling App for android and ios devices. You can install it for free from Google play store and enjoy free international voice calls on android.

Google Hangouts

Google gives importance to their every product and it is Google hangout it was built to chat with friends but now you can do group chatting with up to 150 people and video call with up to 10 friends and voice call for free with your friends. That makes it another best free international voice calls on android. It don’t need to sign up; you can use the same Google account.  Users can also connect your voice account phone number if you have one. You can also message your friend even if they are offline.

Skype – free IM & video calls

If we are talking about VoIP service how can we forget to Skype? It is the best known free international voice calls. Mostly all famous companies use this software to take international interviews. we can do the voice call, video call, and group chat. You can free voice call and video call with up to 25 peoples. You can also call to a landline at the low rate and in some countries its also free. It is available on all platforms android, iOS, Windows, Mac. Both parties need this app to free internet phone call otherwise you will need credit to call any mobile number.


Viber is exactly like WhatsApp you can send messages, make free calls, group chatting but it has some more features. Your voice call and video call will be secured it has an end to end encryption so no one knows what you have communicated on Viber. Other than that you can do hidden chats and play games with your friends and public chat. That is the interesting features suppose if your friends are busy so you can find more people around your area and do a free voice call.

LINE: Free Calls & Messages

Line is another Best Android Calling App for android most European and American people prefer this app for free Internet Phone Call. You can make a group call with up to 200 people and group chat. The app is completely free and available for android, ios, Nokia Asha, blackberry, Firefox os, windows, Mac, and chrome browser. You play games and chat with your friends. But like all apps you both parties need Line app to do a free voice call on android or ios device. Enjoy the feature by making free international voice calls on android.


It’s the best app to interact with strangers just shake your device and you will get a new person to talk. You can also communicate with your friends you can make free internet phone call. Free voice and video call with high-quality audio. You can call a whole group of 9 people and group chat with up to 500 people. This app allows you to call to any landline and mobile number but if that number with a low rate. Just check the rate or tell your friend to install We Chat and make a free unlimited duration phone call.  The app is available for android and iOS devices. Make Free International Voice calls on android.

KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Text

This app is free to install like all another app in this list. This app is very popular in European countries but 150 countries using this app. The best part of this app is group chat without any limit you can chat with unlimited friends. Like other apps, you can do the voice call for free but you can use voice filter for fun you can change your voice with talking tom & ben voice filters. You can give reply with your android wear watch. The app has many features like sharing your location, multitask during a free call and schedule appointment etc. The app is available for android, IOS and computer to make free international calls on android.

Tango – Free Video Call & Chat

Tango is another Best Android Calling App but as there are so many free international calls options but tango just is standing tall as burj khalifa more than 350 million people are using this app. You can have fun with your friend while using this app by sending them stickers, playing games and adding voice filter. You can do video calling and voice call for free for unlimited hours you don’t have to pay any money.  The app is free to install and available for android and ios smartphone users. The app is same as other but you will have more fun while you are bored by using the extra features which you won’t find on other.


It was the first choice for Symbian users but since android and ios came things have changed and new apps take over this app. The app launched on android very late that was the mistake they did but still many users who know the capability of this app use it. It’s still it’s a very decent app for free internet phone call. It’s available for android, IOS, Symbian and blackberry devices. You can also make calls to any phone number and landline for some fee if that number doesn’t have fring install. You can make a voice call and video calls up to 4 people at a time. Make free international calls using Fring.


Here as a result technologymess came to a conclusion on How to make free international calls on android. Up to our knowledge we gave you clear information about the entire article. These all app can make unlimited free international calls to any phone but the requirement is the same app should have installed on your friend phone too. As technology is changing day by day hopefully one day hopefully we will do the unlimited free calling to any landline of any country phone number without any app. But for now, we can just utilize our internet and install these apps for free unlimited calling. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Please help us by sharing this article in social media sites. Thank You.


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