Our today’s article is about free Download Google Play Services apk for Android. Where there is a will, there is a way, where there is internet, there is Google”. We all know that Android has the largest user base of all operating systems. It is also essential to know that Android’s source code is released by Google under open source licenses. As soon as you switch on your Android smartphone, you may find a good number of apps pre-installed. If you want to download any APK files you will go to Google Play Services apk. If you want download google play services apk what will you do? Lets have some basic knowledge about google play services apk and after how to download google play services apk?

What is Google Play Services apk?

These are the main app source for android mobiles. Download Google Play Services apk provide us latest and updated apps for android mobiles. We can directly install the apps to our mobiles. Some apps are available for free and some are to be paid. Once we have created the account (login to our Google account ) we can download the apps and install them. It sits on your phone, silently bringing awesome new stuff. In simple words it upgrades your phone’s framework so that you can be able to run latest apps. It also applies latest security patches through Google play services. It’s a base for Google services for syncing and communicating with servers. To enjoy its features simply Download Google Play Services apk for Android.Users Also search for Play store apk. After coming to know about this app you will surely want to download google play services apk.

Functionalities Provided by Google Play Services apk.

  • App installing and updating service of Google Play.
  • Authentication of Google account for various apps.
  • Synchronizing contacts and settings.
  • Low power location services.
  • Access to privacy settings of users.
  • Access to Google Play Game service for keeping games in sync.

How to Download Google Play Services apk for Android

It is very simple process. You can download google play services apk from the below link.

click here to Download Google play services apk

After completion of download open the file and install it as per the instructions on your android. After that the app will opens and you can find the apps by searching it in search bar. You can also see the installed apps in the sidebar.


Here, Technologymess has discussed with you about how to Download Google Play Services for Android. Follow the simple steps and enjoy the features of it. If you faced any problem during the installation you can post your problem in comment box. Hope you all liked this article. Kindly help us by sharing this article on social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus by using sharing button given below the article. Thank You!

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