Our article is about How to Find Mac Address of android? First of all let’s talk about what is mac address? Only few people know about this. If you are a user of pc and laptops, you must be very well known with these topics. Without mac address you can’t connect to internet. Because It must need in pc and laptop.  Let’s go into our topic How to Find Mac Address of android? In addition we will also learn some of the basic topics of MAC. Because MAC address will help you while in cyber security. It will automatically take the MAC address off your device. You cannot the change the MAC address of your device.Therefore To Find mac address of android you need to know the simple steps explained in this article.

What is MAC address?

Its simply a media access control(MAC).  In a local area network(LAN) or other network, the MAC address is your computer’s unique hardware number.  When you are connected to the internet from your computer a correspondence table relates you IP address to your computer’s physical address on the LAN. The MAC address is a unique 12-character identifier for a specific piece of hardware, like the network adapter located in Wi-Fi devices. Therefore the data transfer should be done only when you have MAC address. MAC addresses are 6 byte in length, and are written in the format as MM:MM:MM:SS: SS: SS. The first 3 bytes are ID number of the manufacturer, Probably which is assigned by an internet standards body. The second 3 bytes are serial number assigned by the manufacturer.

How to Find Mac Address of android?

Here, I am going to tell you about find mac address of android. There are two methods up to my knowledge. Finally You can find mac address in any of the two methods. Same By this you can get a deep knowledge about How to Find Mac Address of android?  As much as people are not good to find the mac address. Therefore I decided to tell you about how to find mac address of android.

Method 1:

  • On the Home screen, tap the Menu button and go to settings.
  • Tap About Phone.
  • Tap status
  • Scroll down to see the Wi-Fi mac address.


Method 2:

  • On the home screen, press the Menu key and select settings.
  • Now select wireless and network.
  • Select Wi-Fi settings.
  • Click on Advanced Option.
  • You will find the MAC address.




Here, as a result technolgymess has come to a conclusion on How to Find Mac Address of android?. I hope you all like this article. Hence if you have any other alternatives than this methods post it in comment box. At a conclusion I hope you all get a deep knowledge about How to Find Mac Address of android?. Kindly help us by sharing this article. Thank You.

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