Fast file transfer in Windows 7/8/8.1/10, PC, Laptop

This article is all about How to copy or move fast file transfer in windows, PC. If you’re tired of waiting for a long time to copy or move files in your windows PC, then don’t worry because today here we share three easy ways to increase your files transferring speed in your windows or How to copy or move files faster in windows. Transferring small size of files is easy & quickly, but in case we want to transfer huge size of files such as games, movies or songs at that time speed of file transferring getting very slow and Windows XP & 7 users mostly face this problem every time.

Because what we do, we place a particular file to copy and do our other things on computer. These causes more load on CPU that’s why our computer slow down and mostly low-end computer users (such as low-speed USB ports 2.0) face these problems. So, if you’ve low or high configuration PC and facing slow copying or moving file transferring then don’t worry we’ve got a solution for you. So without wasting much of time, get started with our guide on How to copy or move files faster in windows.

How to Copy or Move fast File transfer in Windows

First we will share one tool which is used to increase your file transferring speed & how to use that tool. And Second we will share a simple easy way to fast file transfer in windows PC without any File Transferring Software’s.


Teracopy is one of the best software to perform fast file transferring work like copy & paste with an ease. The TeraCopy tool helps you to copy or move files in a very short time. This tool has various features which are obviously its advantages. TeraCopy won’t stuck even if you try to copy two or more files at a time. This is done by copying the files at a maximum speed. This tool is act same as like other copying software’s. It transfer files very quickly and save your time. One of the amazing interesting features of this tool is you can pause and resume your transferring file.

Apart from that it offers very handy simple user interface which will make user very comfortable to use. Another best feature of it is the recovery of error. If you got any errors while transferring, then you don’t have to worry about it there is a recovery of errors is possible. Below are the additional tips for How to copy or move files faster in windows.

Download TeraCopy

Additional Tips for fast file transfer in Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1

  • If you’re copying a large number of files individually, then it will take a lot of time. So there is an another way, Just group or move all large size of files into new folder and compress that folder using WinRAR or any ZIP compressing software.
  • And If you’ve low configuration computer, then leaving PC alone is the best option while copying files. Because as I said earlier, it comes load on CPU & RAM. And more memory is necessary to complete the file transferring process, So Low-end PC users, don’t perform multi-task or other tasks while transferring files.


This was our guide on “Fast file transfer in Windows, PC?” We are sure that now you can transfer files very easily and quickly. And If you have any further queries or questions to be asked on this article, feel free to ask. We would like to interact with you regarding your queries and questions. Your suggestions and feedback are always welcomed.

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