Facetime Alternatives for Android || Can We Get Facetime for Android?

Facetime alternatives for android. As we all know that, each and every person wants to use a smartphone device with any kind of reason. It does not matter that they are students, teachers, businessman etc. Around the world, lots of peoples are using smartphones and tablet devices for their regular usage. Nowadays, there are so many latest smartphone devices are available in the market. Along with the smartphones, there are also many kind of applications are also available to use, which are very useful for you as well as your smartphone device. In which, some apps are free for users while some are not.

There is also one free app for your device which called as Facetime for android, which is free video calling app for your device. First look about Facetime apk for android and after we will jump into the alternatives for Facetime. Here I will list out top 10 Facetime alternatives.

What is Facetime Apk for android?

Facetime android is one of the most popular free video calling app for the smartphones, facetime app is available for the android, windows, iphone, ipad and Facetime for android tablet. Among these for the ios devices like iphone and ipad, facetime free download exists in the apple store. So the facetime app download is necessity for the android and windows phone. Once you download facetime for android you can have the free video calling even with ios devices. Actually this facetime was limited only to the ios devices now it was merged to android devices. For the android devices facetime apk is available.

Using the facetime you can have a video call to your friend. Android facetime allows you to call between the two facetime users only. Now this facetime app is having more and more popularity. Facetime developers have developed this app for the major platforms. So for the users who are in search of the facetime for android app. we are providing the apk of the facetime for android phones for free download.

Now days all smartphones are coming with two in built cameras front camera and rear camera. Front camera is tuned for Facetime android application. You just need a high speed internet connection to enjoy the features of facetime. Facetime application is available at free of cost on the internet. Download the apk file and enjoy the features.

Why facetime application is popular worldwide, because of its easy optimization features and user interface. Facetime has millions of users worldwide. There are no addition charges for video calling. You can directly create video conference with your friends and family.

Features of the Facetime for android

  • Easy invitation to your friends
  • Video call with superb and good clarity
  • Easy to use
  • Make video call with free of cost
  • Data charge of video call will be less
  • Easy checking of call history

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List of 10 Facetime alternatives

Here are the top ten Facetime alternatives for Android devices. Not all of these video chatting apps may be available or supported by your device. However, that is why we have included ten of the very best video calling apps so you can find the one that suits your needs.

Google Hangouts.

One of the best Facetime app alternatives is Google Hangouts that you probably already have on your Android device because it is usually one of the pre-installed applications. It is available for iOS users as well. Let’s see what Hangouts can be used for: you can use it for SMS and MMS, but you can also make audio and video calls. When it comes to video calls, there is an amazing feature: you can have a video call one to one, but you can also communicate with the group. Pretty cool, isn’t it? What do you need in order to use this FaceTime alternative? Of course, you need an app, and you and the person you want to talk to, need a Google account, and that’s pretty much it. In case you don’t have Hangouts installed on your device, go to the Play Store, download it, and enjoy video chatting.

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Another great app that will save the minutes included in the carrier’s voice plan is Tango, and it is very similar to FaceTime which is why we decided to mention it here. You can make free audio and video calls, and chat with your friends and family whenever you want. You can also send text messages, and share photos and videos with your loved ones. Moreover, Tango allows the users to personalize their messages because they can add emoji and stickers. That’s not all.

If you want to meet new friends, you can discover many new faces by swiping through the profile cards. In case you see that you and the other person you found have something in common, you can start the conversation with ease. Amazing! Also, you can play games with your friends. With all that said, we guess you are not surprised why we think Tango is a really good app, as good as the FaceTime.

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Another super popular app used for video calling is Skype, and it is also a great Facetime alternative. At first, Skype was available for desktop-only, and it is a program that many of us use for more than a decade. But, when the smartphone revolution started the app was created as well, and it is available for the platforms including Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. You can exchange messages with your friends, but you can also make audio and video calls. Just to mention, group video calls are one of the features. In case you didn’t use Skype before, and do not have an account, you can create one in minutes. Skype offers the same that FaceTime does, so you won’t regret installing this application

Skype is undoubtedly one of the most popular or even the most popular video calling service. If you are looking for a well-integrated, cross-platform service, then Skype is the best choice. Aside from cross-platform support, the app is also quite stable and comes with many notable features. Skype offers messaging service, voice calling, and video calling. For business oriented people, Skype is no doubt the number one alternative to Facetime for Android.

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Facebook Messenger

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t have a Facebook profile. Facebook app and Facebook Messenger app are both widely used. If you have been looking for FaceTime alternative, if you have Facebook Messenger installed, you can use it to make video calls with ease. Facebook launched free video calling a few months ago, so if you want to chat with your friends or family and have a face to face conversation, install this application. It is available for Android, and for iOS as well. This is an excellent option for everyone who want to have a substitute for FaceTime app.

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When it comes to popular messaging apps, Line ranks somewhere in the list. The messaging service is used by people all over the world. It features messaging, free voice calls, and video calls. Line’s video calling feature is solid and works as well as you can expect.

The app focuses more on the messaging part of things and there you can get stickers and various other features to make your texting experience better. Overall, it’s a good app to try out and the best part is it is also cross-platform!

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ooVoo is another great messaging app with a weird name. The app combines multiple services like texting, voice calls, and video calls all in one neat package. ooVoo is an amazingly popular app with over 50 million downloads worldwide and nearly a million reviews.

This app features free video calls with up to 12 contacts at the same time and includes built-in functionality to detect changes in connection speeds to help avoid dropped calls. It works exceptionally well and is a solid contender to other video calling apps like FaceTime.

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Viber is another option that offers all the basics: HD video and audio calls, photo and video messages, and text messages. On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The app syncs with your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber. This makes it really easy to connect with people because you don’t need to remember a username. Viber is available for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and desktop.

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Now that we’ve shared some of the obvious alternatives it’s time to think out of the box. Did you know Snapchat can do video messaging? I don’t just mean sending 10-second snaps to your friends. I’m talking about live one-on-one video calls and text messaging.

Snapchat Chat works differently than any other video calling app. You can’t really even “call” someone in the traditional sense. Swipe right on a name in your inbox to open the chat screen. When both you and your friend are on the chat page at the same time you can press the blue button to open up a video call. It’s one of Snapchat’s lesser known features, but it works well.

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Google Duo

Google recently unveiled its one click video calling app for android which is a direct  rival to Apple’s Facetime. The app is very easy to use and comes with simple user interface. Through the app, you can make video calls anywhere in the world on Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can start using it by simply registering through mobile number and no Google account or third party account details needed. Nothing can be simpler than this app.

According to Google, “Duo is all about simplicity and quality. It’s all about video calling. There are no frills, no knobs or dials to adjust, it just works.”

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WeChat is another most popular application for Windows and Android that also has Apple and Android iOS designs building transmission quite simple. It has large popularity in China and this can be a great choice in case you speak with people there. We chat is best alternative of FaceTime which let you make video and audio calls. It is the fastest and safest video calling messaging app.

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Here as a result we came to a conclusion on Facetime alternatives. List of 10 facetime alternatives are mentioned over here. Up to our knowledge we gave you a clear information about the entire article. If you have any queries regarding this article kindly post them in comment box. Hence help us by sharing this article. Thank You.


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