Facebook Auto Logout || Log Out Automatically After 60 Seconds

Facebook auto logout automatically is a new feature for users. After sometime it will logout automatically in your device. Do you ever worry about forgetting to log out of Facebook and having someone else gain access to your Facebook account? Well, if you haven’t you should because it happens all the time. Really we feel bad, if someone saw our messages. Some private chat is maintained by everyone with their ones. Even if you close your web browser you aren’t automatically logged out of Facebook. Someone else could sit down at your PC, open your browser and visit Facebook with your account already logged on for them.

And what if you don’t close your browser at all? If you leave your browser window open while you go into another room or run to the corner market, Facebook will happily sit there and await your return. But what if something comes up and you can’t get back to your PC for a while? Someone else could easily come along and read your private messages and even chat with your friends while pretending to be you. The possibilities for mischief are endless.

And this cause a major problem to your Facebook account.  if you are using the PC in local computer shop, then any one see your account and read your message etc.  And even at home, at that time your family members manage to get on your Facebook account while you are not in the room. Fortunately, a Chrome extension called Auto-Logout is available, which help you to solve this problem.

Did we Really Want Facebook Auto Logout Automatic Extension?

Yes, of course Staying logged in after using Facebook, or any other Internet service for that matter, is more comfortable than having to remember to log out of the social networking site every time you have finished using it for the moment. The core benefit from a user perspective is that you are still logged in the next time you open the site.

so that you do not have to enter your Facebook login credentials anymore on the site to use it.  The issue here is that this is also true for third parties who happen to have access to the computer. Facebook does not distinguish between users sitting in front of the computer, which means that everyone with access will see all your private and public posts, photos, contacts and other information that you have shared on Facebook.

This may not be a big issue if you are using Facebook on a desktop computer at home. But it very well may be one on public computers or a laptop. And even at home, things can go south, for instance if the computer gets stolen or if a friend or family member manages to get on your computer while you are not in the room.

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What is a Facebook Auto Logout Automatic Extension?

The Chrome extension Facebook Auto Logout handles the tedious process of logging out of Facebook for you automatically. Once installed, it will automatically log you out of Facebook.

  • when you close the browser window
  • when you close Facebook
  • keep the website closed for at least 60 seconds.

If you prefer not to receive notifications when that is happening, or would like a different time of inactivity before you are automatically logged out, then you can fire up the extension’s options to change those preferences.

How it Works?

Facebook Auto-Logout logs you out even if you’ve selected the Keep me logged in option. You don’t have to remember to log out when closing the Facebook tab or window; the add-on works just fine, and does it all for you. In addition, cookies are purged, implying that all other data related to your likes and shared content is deleted. Visit its options to select the inactivity interval.

How to Use Facebook Auto Logout Extension in Chrome?

The add-on is a lot like a safety net for when you close the Facebook tab you had open. But don’t sign out thinking you will need to use it again. It is likely that if you don’t re-open Facebook in a tab, you also won’t remember to log out of it and for such situations, this add-on is a lifesaver.

If you share something on Facebook from another website i.e., if you Like an article on a website or share a YouTube video, it will count as Facebook activity and will tell the add-on that you’ve visited the website again. An additional option to sign out of Facebook after you have been inactive too long (even if it is still open in a tab) might make it all the more useful.

This is a simple, albeit very useful, add-on that can help you protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access or friends who want to prank you by posting embarrassing status updates from your account.

Steps to Use Facebook Auto Logout Extension

  • Download and Install Facebook Auto Logout Add-on on your Chrome Browser.
  • After the installation, you can see the add-on
  • You can change the setting from the Add-on manager.
  • To change the auto-logout time on your Facebook, just go to Add-ons, then Options next to Facebook Auto-Logout.
  • Change the number in the box near the bottom.

That’s it, now you will get the notification on your desktop when you logged out of Facebook by the add-on. The log out delay and notification options is configurable in the preferences menu of the Add-on Manager. One of the best add-on to logout automatically Facebook, easy to use handy add-on that can help you protect your Facebook account from unauthorized access or friends


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