Download Torch Browser for Windows. Chrome , Firefox, Internet Explorer these are default or common  browsers used by a Netizens. Had you ever heard  the name Torch Browser ? Have you used this ? If no try it once . There are so many features offered by Torch Browser.

So many people use the default browsers every time as I mentioned above. Some of the  people search for a new browser. If you belongs the type two , Know about the Torch Browser.Have you ever opened a documents, videos saved in a drive with a browser? Have you ever downloaded the media files with a single click in a browser? Have you Ever Bookmarked  video games in a Browser? Do you want an unlimited knowledge of something in a internet? All These Features are possible only in Torch Browser.

Want to know about all these things? Come on ,Let’s  Have a Basic Introduction About These..!! Download Torch Browser from the link given below.


Torch Browser works as a player

What will you do if you have a media files in your system? Usually you have to install the  players to open a media files.  Commonly VLC media player or any windows built-in other players are installed.

Do you Know ?  If you have a  torch  browser in your system you have media player. In the process of installing the browser by default, you have to modulate the torch browser as a media player. After completing the installation process of torch browser open any video file in your drive. After giving the right click to the media file, you have an option “open with “ in it torch browser is the first option.By Selecting to open with torch browser your video file will be played in a browser on new tab. By default Video player will open in Home_view. You have a great feel that you are in a movie theatre. You can also try the other two themes Ray Of Light and Drive-in. Create a Playlist and add your video files to it and you have a chance to see one after one .

Centre Of Games

Enjoyment is one of the part of life. So you can get it full by the Torch Browser. As we discussed earlier one of the icons in address bar is Torch Games. First we will take a look on it. By clicking on the games it will open in a new tab. All in Thumbnail boxes only. Want to take a break in a work time don’t  go to mobile phones . Search &  Browse the entertainment in internet. All Games are installed in My Favorites, Most Popular, All Games…etc  Tab Windows. Take a look on all games and play the game you like.

All games played in mobile are supported to open in a laptop or desktop. For Example one of  the most popular game played in a mobile phone is ‘ANGRY BIRDS’.  We can also play it in a laptop. Don’t know ?  Open a Google search box and type the name of the game and click on the Enter button. You can also select the game from the results came in thumbnail boxes and you can play it. By Using Search box you can search the game you want. After selecting the game, instructions and demo videos are available. Follow them.

Now you can easily play the game. Games played by you are saved in a history and also you can see them in Last Played tab. If you want to view the games by group select  ALL GAMES click on a arrow mark. Then Games are listed by groups like Shooting, Action, Puzzle,Sport…etc. Select the group based on your intrest. As I mentioned above while installing the Torch Browser, Icons are created on desktop. (Free Games and Free Music). You can also Play the games by open the icon Free Games.

Download videos by Single –Click

I think that all of you know well about video sharing websites. So many websites are sharing videos as we see daily. If we like the video we saw, we want to download it to see again and again .For this purpose torch browser is providing the download media option on the address bar. Normally after opening the torch browser you will see the download media option, it will be in deactivate situation. It will activate whenever you played a video in browser, seems to be blue colour.

Then Only you get a option to download the video in different formats. For Example you are looking a video in you tube, you like it very much , to download you don’t need to install any softwares or any online services. Just click on the download media option, then it will download as a copy. After completing the download go to memory location and watch the video.

Used to open the Documents

There are so many types of files you have to open in a system. As per the file type we will open the file with an application and also changes are made. Do you know? Without any problems some of the files are opened directly in this browser. For example you have to open a .PDF document, Adobe reader , Nitro reader, Foxit reader..etc are used. By Installing Torch Browser there is no need to install any apps by giving right click on the .PDF document you will see “open with” option in this torch is the first option. After opening the document there is a facility to increase or decrease the zooming percentage of document. Not only .PDF files and also image files are also opened in a torch browser with full view. Download Torch Browser.

For Torrent Downloads

If you are accessing the torrent to download data or else any other use. Yes for those torrent is the main centre for this. Why Because to manage the torrents specially Build-in manager is installed. Click on the ‘Turn Torrent On’ button to start the torrent services in the address bar. No Need to use the additional softwares. You will see ‘Add Torrent’ option on tab. Select it to manage the URL links we are searching. And Also additional information related to torrent with document files are also added to torrent links. We can also check the torrent download status details with the help of status bar. If we have so many torrent links in a list we have to use the search option. We have an option to post the torrent details on the social networking sites. Download Torch browser from link below.

Speciality in Searching too

Netiznes have so many doubts while browsing the internet. We have to type the doubt  in search box? No other alternate for it? It have a pointer down to the photo, we have to see the data about it. We have to search it by manually .  We have a web links, if we want to share them there is only way to copy, paste the link. Not a matter. Take a look for alternative way. There is a procedure called drag and drop to put a text matter in a search engine . This is the special feature of Torch Browser. If we want to look a brief discussion about the topic located in web page , just select the matter and drag it to the right side corner. You will find search engines list in thumbnail boxes. Drop the text in the search box .

For Example You have dropped the text in Google , you will get results in tab window. If you want to search an image you have to click an option Image search in the list. The one other speciality of it is translation. Select the matter and Drop it in a Google translate thumbnail. Finally go to settings and add a additional search engines to the list. There is a facility to change the order of the search engines as you like. DOwnload Torch browser for pc.

You can change Facebook theme

Whatever the browser you use . What we do in Facebook ? Mainly to share , post, chat…etc. Have you ever changed the profile theme without using the Addons . Had you ever set your photo as a background image.  Did you ever changed the Font styles ?  Eager to know about all this. Then you have to know the special feature provided by torch browser. Name ‘TORCH FACELIFT’. You will not find anywhere in browser. Once login to Facebook in a browser. You will find a logo with different colours in a profile homepage. Just click on it, you will get a windows same as DROPDOWN menu. In this you will see the options serially Torch Themes, Colors, Background, Font, Photopop, Rounder. Then you have a chance to apply additional theme effects to the profile.

Themes are visible and divided by groups(Animals, Art, Flowers, Fun, Nature..). Select the group and apply the theme which you like. Want to change the colors of facebook pages there is a division called ‘Colors’. Menu’s and Titles colors  are also changed as you like. If you want to set your photo as a background you have a ‘Background’ option. Photos are also uploaded from the system drive by selecting the ‘upload image’ option. Ability to change the Font, Style’s ,Size also available. There is another user friendly option it is Photo PoP. After applying this, if you put a pointer on a image it will zoom and image seems to be big. Profile photos are changed from rectangular shape to circular shape by using ‘Rounder’ option on the facelift.


How to set up?

As Usually download a set up file from the internet, and install it. No need to have any supporting files to install the browser. After Installing the Browser you will see an icons of torch browser, free music and free games. Open the torch browser it seems as same as a chrome.  Home Screen, Menu Bars, Tab Windows , Settings and also Bookmarks in chrome will also sink.  You have a visibility of them in the Torch Browser. You can also access web store apps in this browser. Once take a look on Address bar you find New Extra Icons they are Torch Games, Torch Music,  Torch Media, Open Torrents. These are the specialities of torch browser compare with other browsers.Download torch browser from below link



Here as a result technologymess has came to a conclusion on download torch browser for windows. Up to my knowledge i had given you a clear information about the entire article.

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