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This article is all about Download Peach app for android. We can look for a lot of social networking apps for android in play store like facebook, twitter etc. Peach is one of them. It is a growth up app for android. At first it has launched the app for iOS only. Now it has launched for android too. Now we can look a deep information about the peach app and peach app for android.

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Peach is the latest sensation in social messaging app industry. This peach app for android was created by Don Hoffman, the creator of Vine. Peach app became overnight success and reached top in apple charts. Peach app is more private and individualized social media application. This is similar to other social media apps like sharing their posts, updating status about what they did today and connecting with friends but in a funny way. Peach android app has so many features which you cannot think in other social media apps. Here, we will see how to get peach for android smartphones.


The best feature in peach app is magic words. You can use some words as commands in peach social media app. This is more interesting and fun. “Draw” is a magic word in peach. If you use this word, you can simply send a sketch or doodle on Peach app for android. There are so many other magic words like “shout”, “song”, “rate”.  Wave option is there in Peach app. This is similar to Facebook Poke you can say. This sends push notifications.  The Peach team is working on the app to deliver even more amazing features in it. They recently released an update fixing some bugs and added a new magic word “Peachball”. You can use this magic word to play a game.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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Download the peach app from Google PlayStore by clicking on the above link. I think this is the best way to get peach app for android phones/Tablets. I think this method helps you to bring peach app for android.

Peach Official android app is just out. Before this official app the one who want to use this app in their android uses another method that is downloading iOS simulator for android and install the app from it. Now, that alternate method overcomes and Peach has launched an Official app for android users.


Here as a reuslt we have conluded that how to download peach app for android. I hope you all like this article. If you have any doubts or issues with this, please shoot your comments in the comment box below. Here i provided you a direct link to download peach app for android. Kindly help us by sharing this article in social media.


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