Download iMessage APK for Android – Send Unlimited Messages from Android

Do you want to use iMessage on your android smartphone and you are not finding any imessage.apk then you are at right place. Today we will tell you a way with which you will be able to download imessage.apk for android and will also tell you How to use iMessage on android smartphone. Imessage is one of the best messaging app, the best part about imessage is that it lets you text your from your iPhone from your mac and from your iPad with ease.

The best feature about imessage i like is it synchronizes your text in every device you own whether it is your iPhone or your Mac you will get your all messages at one place but due to limitations there is no official version of imessage for android because Apple never released it. But surprisingly there is one app present that works as same as the imessage and lets you send messages to iPhone users using imessage so basically it is imessage for android.

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What is iMessage Apk for Android? 

iMessage is an application which was only used for Apple users to send messages from iPhone to iPhone by their Apple ID. If you are an iPhone user and you want to shift to Android due to its advanced features when compared to iOS, but you were using iMessages and all your contacts, friends in iMessages then you will don’t get those contacts on your Android.

iMessage was an application which was given as default by Apple by shifting to Android you will don’t get this app in Google Play Store for this you have to get the application from the third party. We have many apps instead of messages like hike and WhatsApp, but some users are attracted to iMessages due to its simple layout we can directly send a message, and the messages in iMessages will appear in the form of a normal message, but the change is only in colour. Best method to download iMessage for Android and to install it on Android phone.

iMessage APK

Why iMessage?

Apple’s iMessage for Windows is a much-queried subject around this part of the internet. Everyone seems to agree Apple’s messaging service is quite interesting. The problem is no one seems to know how to get it on PC. Here you will find how to send iMessage from PC with the help of desktop version. Check out the full article, you will learn how you can get iMessage on PC. Here, you can also get step by step guide on how to send iMessage from computer. You can run iMessage on any system like on windows 10. Using the workarounds covered in this article, you can send Apple message for PC. Check out the full article in which you will learn how you can get iMessage on PC. In addition, you can run iMessage for PC using any system like on iMessage Windows 10 using the workarounds covered in this article.

Steps to solve/install the Problem iMessage for Android Device

The below steps will show you how to address the problem. By observing the screenshots, you can understand.

  • Download the iMessage App for Android from

Download iMessage Apk 

  • The Messenger will start downloading.
  • After downloading Apk file Connect your Android mobile to PC/Laptop.
  • Transfer the Apk file to the mobile phone.

Note:  Allow Installation from Unknown sources in your mobile settings.

  • Install the Application.
  • After completing installation verify your mobile number.
    (If you’re downloading directly from your cell phone then you can install directly from your Android device, but you have to allow your device to install it Allow installation from unknown sources.)

How to Know Difference between iMessage and Normal message in Android Device.

The message notification is similar to Whatsapp and FB messenger, but the unknown thing is If your message in messenger appeared in green then it was a standard message, and if it seems in blue then it was iMessage this is the best way to confirm iMessage and standard message.

iMessage APK

Remember: This is not safe to install the Apk or Application because it will store all your data and connects with Third party server and later it connects to Apple. The application has many problems and errors which may harm your device.

Method 2:

I heard that the above method is not working, so we found another app called Pie message instead of iMessage and it works perfect for iMessage, but there are some disadvantages in the pie message. You can’t send any images and group messages from this, but you can receive group messages.

Method 3:

This is the working method for iMessage on android. The above methods are failed due to some issues but this method gives you the good experience. Anyways, Google Android is planning to release the iMessage application for all android devices in the next year. Download this application temporarily and enjoy the application. If you got any errors just ask us on comment session. Follow the below steps to install the application.

  • Go to the link you will be directly redirected to the store.
  • Download the App.
  • Install the application and enjoy. Cheers

iMessage APK

How to disable iMessage or De activate iMessage Before Switching to Android?

If you are making a switch from iPhone to Android, you would like to disable or turn off iMessage service.  When you leave it ON, the service remains active even if the device is not.  Your iMessage contacts may remain under the impression that you are still using the service. Thus, they may continue sending iMessages to you without getting any reply.  You may disable iMessage even after switching devices. But, it is so much easier if you do it before migrating to Android.


We hope after reading this post you have gotten all the knowledge regarding iMessage, and how you can get iMessage for Android devices. If you have gotten any queries regarding this application, then leave them in the comment section below, we’ll try to help you out as soon as we can.



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