How to Download and Install Remix Os in Your PC. Let’s start the simple procedure.Have you ever thought that how could be the pc if I run an android in it? If your answer is yes! This is the right platform for your solution. Yes, as per the today’s technology you can run your android in your pc by installing the os called remix os. It helps you to make your pc look like an android. By this everybody understood that our today’s topic is about Remix OS installation procedure.

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Steps to Download and Install Remix os

What You Need

Before starting, make sure that you have these:

  • Windows PC
    • Torrent Downloading Client
    • USB 3.0 Stick with at least 8 GB (can handle FAT32 formatting and has a write speed of 20 MB/s)
    • Remix OS USB Installer
    • Remix OS 2.0
  1. Download the Remix USB Installer and Remix OS 2.0.

There are two things that you need to download: Remix OS 2.0 (since the official version is not yet available, the leaked version will do) plus the Remix USB installer (essential in installing Remix OS 2.0 on the USB stick). If you want to wait for the official version of the software, it will be available soon.

You have to download a torrent client, such as uTorrent, first before downloading these two.

Click here to Download Remix OS

  1. Format the USB Stick and change the formatting to FAT32.

The USB drive should be empty and the format is FAT32. Of course, it is implicit that you back up your files first before formatting the drive.

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  1. Start the Remix USB Installer.

The Remix USB installer is important in flashing Remix OS 2.0 to the USB stick. It also makes the USB Boot loader.

Upon starting this tool, you need to choose the ISO file plus the drive where you want to install it.

  1. Select the ISO file and the USB flash drive.

The Remix OS USB tool will let you select an ISO file to load and a FAT formatted USB flash to install.

Press OK to start the installation.

The tool will then begin to extract and copy files and install the Boot loader into the USB Drive.

  1. Reboot the computer.

  2. Choose between Guest Mode and Resident Mode.

  3. Install Remix OS 2.0.

You’re almost there. Just three more things to do and you’re good to go.

First off, you will be prompted to select the language. Second, you have to agree with the user agreement. And the last step (the easiest one, actually): click the Start button. Thats it,Enjoy your android apps in pc using Remix os.


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