Chat and win 1000000 rupees using android app

Today’s article is all about chance to win 10, 00,000. Its all about chat and win. Are you shocked of the question? It’s absolutely true, no doubt about that. Just you need to do is download one app from play store. I have used this app and got money from it. As per my knowledge I will explain you how to win the cash from the app. Absolutely everyone will think that is it real or any fake. No more second thinking it’s absolutely true. You have to do is just download the app. The money winning app name is called Tengi.

What is Tengi?

Tengi, the chat app that gives back, has launched its services in India with a unique proposition of sharing at least half of its ad revenues with users every week in the form of cash prizes.

It’s a neat way of giving back to the users in ways that go beyond what other messaging apps have done. It pays to get your friends on the application as well; the more friends you have on Tengi, and the more you chat, the more tickets you get, so it can improve your chances of winning greatly.

Tengi offers the same features as other chat apps, such as sending text, emoticons, photos, videos and audio messages for free via one-to-one and group chats with friends and family. The difference with Tengi lies with its commitment to “always giving back at least 50% of our weekly revenue (from ads) as prizes to users.” chat and win money from the android app.


Chat and win Tengi can be downloaded free of charge and is available now via the iTunes App Store and Google Play for users in the UK. Tengi also has plans for a Windows Phone version on the roadmap, though no official release date is available yet.

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Chat and win 1000000 rupees

Yes, its true you can will lakhs of many from this Tengi app. Just download the app and refer your friends. So , that you can become a lakhpathi. Every Friday the lucky drawn has been announce the winners, you may one of them. So, Don’t be late hurry up. chat and win lakhs of money from the app.


How to earn money by chatting

Users get tickets by using the app and also when their friends join Tengi. A user gets 16 tickets every time a phone contact joins Tengi, 1 ticket every time a friend wins the draw, 1 ticket for each day the user uses the app, 12 tickets for each hour spent chatting on the app and 1 ticket per draw for keeping the app installed.

Finally, all the tickets a user has gained are entered into the weekly draw which takes place on the Friday of each week. Winners are then chosen at random and the prizes range from Rs 10, 00,000 to Rs 450. So the more tickets a user gets during the week, the more chances he/she has to win in the free prize draw.

One of its newest stand out features allows users to add their Facebook friends on Tengi even without having their phone number in their contacts list.


We have discussed a money making app tengi. What is Tengi, features of tengi, and how to earn money from the app. I hope that you will enjoy the article and make money from this android app. Kindly help us by sharing this article in social media. Please comment your valuable suggestions in comment boxes. If you face any problem or any doubts in following the process you can post your problem in comment box.

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