How to block a website in mozilla/chrome browsers

Want to Block Website, First of all  This article help you to block a site in mozilla firefox and google chrome.Now on days Internet browsing is a main habit for so many people. Because It doesn’t have an age limitation. From Small Kid to Old man every people have the use of internet and browsing habit. By Comparing with Developed Countries like China, Japan, U.S, and U.K….etc, India is the country which have a less usage of internet. Because Age between15-45 will use the internet most. We have a Positive and Negative Features by internet. You can block website. From a Conclusion of One of the most popular research institute, 60% of the people will browse the internet for unwanted things. 40% People will only use for the business purposes and general things happening in our world.

Because In some places mainly while using a public wifi there must be a limited restriction for some sites. Some websites are block.  Do you know how to block website. If you don’t know this article will help you to block website. If you know how to block website consider this article as an alternative to block website. It will mainly help full to the parents who have their children and enjoying so many sites in internet. They can use this app and block website which their children are mostly using. Block website is very easy. Read the below article and block website.

In the age of 13-20 people have the habit to communicate with others to share feelings, Habitats, to make fun and mainly to time pass. This communication will leads to good or bad results. In the age as I mentioned above people will mainly attract to the harmful websites which are unnecessary websites. If they watch anything in the websites they want to do it immediately. By this people will misuse the technology. Every Parent wants to know what their child is doing in the internet. This article will help the parents to secure their child.

Now, I am going to tell the procedure for blocking a website in Mozilla/ chrome using addons.

How to Block Website?

  • Open your Mozilla Firefox and go to addons. Search Blocksite addon and install it.

how to block a website in mozilla/chrome


  • After Completing installation , A Pop-up window Blocksite preferences will be open

1.If you want to use it as a private user keep a new password.

2.Add the websites which you want to block.



when completing your adding block list. Just open that sites its shows right of the bottom it is blocked.


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