Top 10 Best Radio Apps For Android Mobiles, Tablets 2017

Do you remember the days when your grandpa/ma used to have an instrument beside him and listening to his favorite station  Do you remember going for a long drive/picnic with your friends/family and listening to your favorite music in your car?

Yeah. I am talking about the RADIO Apps. It was one of the best entertainment mediums those days. Gradually it had begun to loss its popularity. Reasons could be many. However, evolution of smart phones changed the entire scenario of the radio. Now, a big instrument has transformed into a small virtual app with more and more features like, access to the world wide radio stations, creating own personalized lists and many more.

In this article we are introducing such 10 best Radio apps. Since, android smart phones are everybody’s best buddies these days, it’s definitely worth having one of these apps for your entertainment needs. You might have a misconception that radio is only for listening news, but it’s completely wrong opinion. You can do a lot more with these apps, such as access to world-wide radio stations and enjoy your favorite music, listen to your favorite shows, games, favorite TV channel news, podcasts and more. Explore this article to know each app’s awesome features.


10 Best Radio Apps for Android  

1) Spotify

            If you don’t know how to find music that matches your wavelength, here is one of the best solutions. Create your favorite playlist in Spotify radio app, and get personalized recommendations based on your created playlist. It’s simple and easy. You can listen to any artist, album, or playlist for FREE on mobile and tablet.

Spotify Premium takeaways :

  • download favorite music to listen offline,
  • enhanced sound quality,
  • No ads

Notable features :

  • you can play any artist, album or playlists on shuffle mode (on free version too)
  • get personalized recommendations based on your favorite playlists

Download : Google Playstore [4.5/5, 84,98,974 user ratings]


2) TuneIn Radio

Many media companies provide free versions of their radio apps, but you can’t find as largest as TuneIn’s free categories (sports, music, news, and talk radio from across the world). TuneIn Radio has more than 100,000 stations under its service. You can find your favorite stations, shows, and podcasts and enjoy them for FREE. In addition to the above, TuneIn premium offers you outstanding features.

TuneIn Premium gives you access to your :

  • favorite games coverage (like NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL),
  • your favorite talk shows and podcasts,
  • veteran local stations (like KEXP, WTMX, KCRW and more),
  • unlimited access to audio books,
  • exclusive access to 600+ commercial free music stations
  • enjoy all the above with “No ads”

Noteworthy features :

  • download and listen your favorite podcats offline
  • quickly find all your favorite stations, shows and podcasts on your profile
  • enjoy TuneIn radio at home on Google Home devices, and on Android TVs
  • largest free library than any other radio

Download : Google Playstore [4.4/5, 14,22,092 user ratings]


3) iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is the most rated app in playstore. It also has vast categories under its service (like radio stations, music, news, podcasts, sports and comedy shows) and all of them for FREE. You can create personalized music stations from its library which consists of millions of songs almost covering all the genres available.

iHeart Premium facilitates :

iHeart Premium has 2 different plans namely iHeartRadio Plus and iHeartRadio All Access. Both the plans gives you some customization features.

  • the 1st plan allows you to replay your favorite songs and playlists,
  • the 2nd plan allows you to create your favorite playlist and listen to them offline,
  • above all, it features podcasts of popular personalities like Ryan Seacrest, Colin Cowherd, Sean Hanity, Elvis Duran, and Bobby Bones.
  • No Ads

Noteworthy features :

  • discover 1000s of radio stations near you and from cities all across the world
  • listen to veteran sports stations like ESPN Radio, Fox Sports and many more
  • podcasts of famous persons
  • all the songs you like will be collected into My Favorites Radio

Download : Google Playstore [4.7/5, 16,21, 145 user ratings]

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4) Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is one of the few apps used by millions of people across the globe along with Spotify, iHeart Radio, and TuneIn Radio. It is one of the best personalized radio stations creator based on your liked songs, or by simply entering the name of artist/station/song. Besides, it allows you to create up to 100 personalized stations, and you can enjoy all of them completely for FREE.

Pandora subscription details :

It has 2 different plans namely Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. Both of the plans are currently available to US customers only.

Pandora Plus :

  • unlimited skips and replays
  • better quality audio
  • listen your favorite stations offline
  • No Ads

Pandora Premium:

  • listen to the on-demand radio based on your personalized playlists
  • download your favorite music and listen offline
  • best quality audio
  • No Ads

Download : Google Playstore [4.4/5, 27,54,635 user ratings]


5) PC Radio

PC Radio is also one of the most rated apps in the play store. Even more, it is popular for less consumption of data without compromising the radio quality and has an attractive user interface. 100s of radio stations are available on genre basis. Besides, it presents you a curated list of stations with best channels of music, news and talk radio. You can add all of your favorite stations under “Favorite” and access all of them for FREE.

 PC Radio Pro features :

  • live radio recording
  • sleeper timer
  • better audio quality
  • No Ads

Unique features :

  • less data consumption than other radio apps
  • curated list of best radio stations

Download : Google Playstore [4.7/5, 6,77,352 user ratings]


6) Radio FM

Radio FM also has millions of users world-wide. It has variety of features under its roof. 30,000+ and growing radio stations, among them country wide best radio stations are available. You can easily add your favorites to the list and access all of them for FREE.

Notable features :

  • set sleep timer whenever you want to auto off the radio
  • set an alarm whenever you want to auto on the radio so that you don’t miss your favorite shows, talks by the time they broadcast.
  • attractive and easy to navigate user interface

Download : Google Playstore [4.2/5, 3,62,009 user ratings]


7) AccuRadio

            AccuRadio is one of the rising radio apps and it’s completely for FREE. It has 1000+ radio stations and 50+ different genres under its roof and the number is growing. In addition to the above, you can like & dislike songs and artists from a particular station so that you can create a radio library that completely suits your taste.

Noteworthy features :

  • unlimited skips
  • ban artists and songs from your station

Download : Google Playstore [4.6/5 , 32,308 user ratings]


8) Jango Radio

Jango Radio is also one of the rising apps like AccuRadio. And it is 100% free. Most noteworthy, it is completely Ad-free with only 1 ad per day. You don’t find many apps like this one these days. AccuRadio has got appraisals from top/reputed sources like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNet, PC World and more. Has an attractive interface and expertly programmed stations based on genres. Simply enter your favorite artists, Jango will create personalized stations.

Unique features :

  • unlimited listening on both desktop and mobile for FREE
  • add your favorite artists and ban them you don’t like
  • share your favorite stations with your friends on Facebook
  • you can select the audio quality (low, medium and high)
  • above all, its Ad-Free with Free of Cost

Download : Google Playstore [4.5/5, 1,08,232 user ratings]


9) XiiaLive

            XiiaLive has more than 50,000 live radio channels all over the world and you can access all of them for FREE. This app has many customization options to build it as you like (example : skin themes, notification sounds, blutooth options, internal volume settings, desired language settings and more).

Features :

  • huge number of radio stations
  • add your favorites and can peep into your recently played list too
  • you can set up sleep timer to stop and an alarm to start playing
  • share your favorite stations with your friends on Facebook and Twitter
  • you can listen to what you have missed or replay if you want to listen the previous one again

 Download : Google Playstore [4.5/5, 60,842 user ratings]


10) Radio Tunes

            Radio Tunes has around 90 radio channels. However, the number is small, each channel is programmed by an expert channel manager. If you are a fan of old hits and rocks (like 60’s hits &rock, 70’s hits & rock, 80’s hits & rocks etc) then Radio Tunes app is for you.

 Features :

  • expert curated list of channels
  • you can pin your favorite channels to start screen
  • set sleep timer to auto off the radio
  • share your favorite tracks and channels on Twitter, Facebook and Email

Download : Google Playstore [4.5/5, 40,223 user ratings]



Finally, you are at the end of this informative article. We hope that this list of 10 best radio apps for android is useful for you. We recommend you to try      one or the other app till find your best radio app. We have given play store ratings to let you know what your niche thinks about a particular app. To conclude, we have covered a great list of radio apps, each with unique and different features. Enjoy with the one you love.

Do not hesitate to comment any queries below. Share this informative article with your radio loving buddies and subscribe to our blog for latest updates.


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