Download 5 free Best KeyBoard App for android Phone / Tablet

Today’s article is about free best keyboard app for android. When it comes to smartphones, the built in on screen keyboard is one of the most important feature. Android by default has a decent keyboard app and this has been continuously improved over the year with new versions..
Although the Android keyboard is good, you might always want to try out the alternatives available as they offer better customizations in the form of themes and also more features. So if you are looking for keyboard apps for Android, here is a list of best keyboard apps for Android.


1. SwiftKey Keyboard

SwiftKey is one the most sought after keyboard apps for Android. It replaces the touchscreen keyboard on your phone with one that understands how words work together, giving the world’s most accurate autocorrect and predicting your next word before you press a key. Switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture typing with the new SwiftKey Flow feature. There is also support for various languages and you can enable three languages at a time. This app is one of the best keyboard app for android mobile, tablet.

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2. GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard is the best and the most popular keyboard on the Android market today. You can make your typing faster and smarter and it is an essential choice for any Android phone. Another good feature about GO Keyboard is that it has more than 60 themes to customize, and will release new themes every week. GO Keyboard Pad mode has variety of keyboard layouts designed specifically for the tablet and it is suitable on tablets with any screen size.

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3. Swype

Swype is one of the best keyboard app for android.Swype offers a truly multimodal input experience along with an extensive list of features. The algorithms used by Swype contain unique concepts that make the software both powerful and fast. Built on top of XT9, Swype, T9 Write and Dragon Voice, Swype is the only true multimodal input solution. Swype allows users to further personalize their devices with the new keyboard theme options. Users can access different themes in Swype’s settings menu for quick and cool keyboard customizations.

4. TouchPal Keyboard

Touchpal is also one of the best keyboard app for android.The Best Contextual prediction and Sliding Input perfectly combines, makes TouchPal the fastest keyboards for Android. This keyboard app also has support for themes and highly customizable. It has support for 60+ languages. It also has toolbar plugins (Twitter plugin) and gesture shortcuts (slide up/down) for numbers/punctuations.

5. A.I.type Keyboard

A.I.type Keyboard is another useful keyboard app for Android. The keyboard suggests your next word, completes your current word and corrects your typos based on the context of what you are writing (limited to 14 days on free version). It also comes with support for various themes by which you can change the look and feel of the keyboard.

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