Download 5 Free Best Launchers for android Mobile / Tablet

Our today article is about free best launchers for android. Android is great in terms of customization. You can mold it in anyway you like. But the only limitation is its memory. With limited memory and your customization you are using more and more resources of your phone and making it slower. What is the way to keep the customization and also make our android mobile fast? Yes there is a way. It’s by using launchers.

There are many launchers but not many popular launchers for android. Today I will tell you about one of the most popular android launchers for Android which you can use today. These launchers will help maintain the beauty of customization as well as the speed and maintenance of your phone.
Below are the best top free 5 android popular and fast android launchers in 2016 which you can use to make your android phone beautiful as well as increase some speed of it.


1) Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is probably the most popular and simple launcher apps available for Android. Launcher provides with a fast, clean home screen that puts Google Now just a swipe away. It is compatible with all phones with Android 4.1 and above and brings in the latest Marshmallow style look and feel to the device. This app is one of the best launchers for android.You can also use “Ok Google” to search with your voice, or tell your phone what to do: send a text message, get directions, play a song, and much more.

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2) Go Launcher

GO Launcher is one of the most popular choices for Android users with more than 300 million users over the world, which is one of the most launcher apps that users liked. It comes with more than 10000 themes to choose from. It provides an extremely fast and secure operating experience with simple, smooth and awesome animation effects.
There are tons of personalization options including animations, wallpapers and themes along with security features as well. It is another customize app in the list of best launchers for android.

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3) Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize. Change icons, layouts, animations and more. It is highly customizable and performance driven launcher for Android. It comes with Material design and you can change the icons of the launcher. You can also customize the look and feel for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, and backgrounds. It is also best launchers for android.It is one of the capable launchers for Android and we have been using it for a long time and highly recommend it.

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4. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher brings in material design to your device. This app replaces your home screen with a colourful, customizable and speedy app with tons of options to customize it. You can customize the icons, home screen, Google search bar and lot of other functions as well. It allows you to import from your existing layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung/Galaxy TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher. The in-app purchase adds more features to the app.

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5. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is yet another home screen replacement app for your Android phones with 4.0+. It comes with 9 customizable home screens and you can change the icons, layouts and transitions. You can tweak the layout with settings available and there is also in-app purchase to add more options. It also comes with advanced theme engine (icon packs, skins, etc.)

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We as a result are shown Free best launchers for android Mobile, Tablet. Customize your android device using these apps and enjoy there features also. Help us by sharing this article in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus simply by clicking sharing buttons below this article.

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