Alternate Ways to Access Blocked Websites 2017 (100% Working)

Alternate Ways to Access Blocked Websites. Some websites are blocked due to some secure reasons. People suffers a lot due to it. They have to access the website but they can’t. People get rid of it and leave them. Likely we find out an alternate way to access websites for those people.  It happens in some of the colleges and workplaces also. In some countries Facebook, YouTube are also blocked. Unblock region restrictions and enjoy BBC iplayer and other online TV when traveling outside to US and UK. Bypass schools, governments and workplaces restricted web content. Unblock Facebook, Skype, YouTube, UTorrent and US/UK radio. If u want to open the websites which are blocked? Yes it is a place for your answer. This article will helps the people who want to open the blocked websites. Here are alternate ways to access blocked websites.

Alternate Ways to Access Blocked Websites

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is hide your location and staying anonymous. This browser help you to access blocked sites.

Download tor

Using Proxy websites to access blocked sites

Proxy websites are useful to hide our personal information and anonymous surfing. These websites are taking advantage of their proxy to access other sites.

Links given below to access the websites anonymously.


This is another method for anonymous surfing. VPN is a method for the extension of a private network across a public network such as an internet. It hide the information of the users. Most of VPN’s are freely available. Some of them

Use ip address instead of domain name (ping

In study places and work places, websites are blocked by using software’s. They block only domain name. This method is useful for accessing blocked sites. You can find out website ip address, for example consider www.facebook.comand open command prompt in your PC/Laptop. Type Ping and click on Enter button, you can see the IP address of Copy the IP and paste it in a URL to access Facebook site.

acess blocked siteURL shortners

Some of the URL’s are ban for security reasons. You can convert the URL short by using URL Shortners service. You can also bypass server. Some of them are

Using tools

Free tools available in market to access blocked/restricted sites. These tools worked on VPN concept. You can easily setup and these are easy to use for accessing blocked sites.

Tools are:


-Hotspot shield



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