Hello, Today I going to tell you Prisma Tips and Tricks. Now a days people are showing more interest on the editing of their own pics in so many apps. One of them is prism software. You can change your pics into artworks. Finally, after weeks of wait, the much-awaited photo editor app that turns photos into artwork is now launched for Android. You can download Prisma from the Play Store and enjoy the awesome artwork for your photos. No more asking your iPhone friends to help you give out with those arty effects. Prisma has so many tips and tricks. Let us get into some Prisma Tips and Tricks.

It is very easy to download prisma software. You can download it from google play store or just click on the below link to getThe app is pretty much like Instagram when it comes to style and navigation. You can either select photos from your phone gallery or snap one instantly to get started. But there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to get the most out of the app. Here are the 5 top most Prisma tips and tricks.





  1. Don’t Use Prisma’s Built-in Camera

It is one of the major prisma tips and tricks. Like the other photo editing apps Prisma also haves an option built-in camera. Don’t use Prisma’s built-in camera. Because it has some lacks on HDR, switching it to night mode, white balance correction and manual mode. All you can do with the Prisma’s camera is turning the flash on or off. Its better to use the default camera and switch the options and take a picture with it. It means you can adjust night mode, HDR in default camera. Take a good and clear image. You can also use third party apps like Beauty plus to apply filters to photos. If your camera has the option to take square photos, don’t forget to enable that. As Prisma only accepts square photos, you will get an idea of the frame you’ll get after processing.

  1. Maximum Intensity Does Not Always Mean the Best

After a filter is applied on Prisma, it’s applied with 100% intensity by default. But it’s not need all the time. Sometimes you like it or may not. Here there is a chance to change the maximum intensity by swiping left or right on the photos to increase or decrease the intensity of the filters. Sometimes its better if the photo has lower intensity and somewhat high in sometimes. So set the intensity as much as you want. This is the second most prisma tips and tricks. You can enjoy the features by prisma download only.


     3. Remove the Watermark from prisma app

Every user should note that after making the picture with app by default, the app applies a watermark in the bottom right corner of the artworks it creates, which is good for the app developers to gain name when you share the photos on Facebook. However, the watermark is too big in my opinion, and if you are planning to take a printout of the photos, it will not look good. So, here I will tell you how to remove the water mark from prisma picture. Its just simple follow the simple steps I have listed below. It is one of the prisma tips and tricks.

While you are on the screen to select photos in Prisma app, tap on the settings wrench icon and here you will find the option to remove the watermark. The option is not monetized and you won’t be charged a penny to make the changes.

  1. Auto-save All Your Creations

If you like your photo to set in many filters as possible its time to follow this prisma tips and tricks. At times, you want to save and share a photo in more than one filter and saving all the creations automatically will come to rescue in such scenarios. The option is located under settings and will automatically save all the affects you apply in Prisma to a photo.

The photos will be saved to the Prisma folder on the phone as soon as a filter is applied successfully and you can tap on more than one filter simultaneously. All the filters will be applied in the background and saved to the phone’s internal storage. This also helps me decide easily as to which filter looks good on a photo by just swiping easily through the processed photos.

  1. Spice Up Selfies with MSQRD and Other Such Apps

Needless to say, most of the users will use the Prisma app to post selfies. While the normal pout face might never go out of fashion, you can add some especial effects to these selfies by using 3rd party selfie apps like MSQRD to spice things up

You can also use apps like Layout to create Prisma photos with different frames and make your photos stand out from the rest. There are a lot of apps available on the Play Store suited for the task and a simple search will lead you to a plethora of apps.

Final Words:

Here, I’m Showed you Prisma tips and tricks . If you like this article please share and support us. Kindly help us by post your comments if you have any other tips and tricks. Here I provided you download prisma and prisma software.


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